Lamar Smith Follows Leahy's Steps With Plans To Delay DNS Implementation In SOPA

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Well this is hardly a surprise given the trial balloons floated on Wednesday and Senator Leahy’s announcement yesterday, but Rep. Lamar Smith has now said that, like Leahy, he wants to delay the implementation of DNS blocking within SOPA until it’s been “studied.” According to a press release:

“After consultation with industry groups across the country, I feel we should remove Domain Name System blocking from the Stop Online Piracy Act so that the Committee can further examine the issues surrounding this provision. We will continue to look for ways to ensure that foreign websites cannot sell and distribute illegal content to U.S. consumers.”

Once again… the devil is very much in the details. And, to be honest, Smith technically “removed DNS blocking” from SOPA already. It no longer requires DNS blocking, but merely “reasonable measures” to block access to sites. So, it’s not even entirely clear what he means here. Does he mean he’ll remove site blocking? Or is he really leaving the document alone since it doesn’t have DNS? Either way, it seems clear that the real plan here is to try to delay the controversial part until it’s been “studied” and then implement it later…

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Comments on “Lamar Smith Follows Leahy's Steps With Plans To Delay DNS Implementation In SOPA”

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:Lobo Santo (profile) says:

Re: Re: Easy for them, work for us

Let the pull their DNS BS, and then we’ll see the proliferation of private DNS servers over which they have no control.

The only reason we tend to use the “standard” DNS servers is they’re present and generally accurate & easy to use.
But, there already exists private DNS servers out there (OpenDNS, Google’s &…) and lots of others.

Somebody will decide enough is enough–and there will bloom a P2P encrypted “private” DNS service which has no centralized server–it will only exist on the computers of everybody who uses; and it will entirely negate any attempt of government control short of DEEP deep-packet inspection of physical re-routing of internet cables.
[/hopeful rant]

Hephaestus (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Easy for them, work for us

+:Lobo Santo

You do not need a private DNS system to set up a system like the one you wish for in your “#[/hopeful rant]”. What you need is a P2P virtual drive spread out over millions of machines. This can be done today using existing technologies (bit torrentmagnet DHT). All you would need to do is split a file into pieces, and for each piece have a cryptographic hash value (CHV) and be encoded by a private key. Each link on a web page would have to be the CHV plus the user would need the public key of the web site.

The DNS on a system like this would actually be the public key of the web site you are going to.

Rich Kulawiec (profile) says:

The appropriate quote here comes from Ash...

…who said: “It’s a trick. Get an axe.

These are just cheap political tricks designed to blunt Internet opposition to these still-awful bills. The tactic is quite common, actually, and works like this:

1. Draft a bill that achieves your desired objective(s).

2. Include a provision that you KNOW is stupid, unworkable, unconstitutional, outrageous, unacceptable. Bonus points if it’s three or more of these.

3. When opposition to the bill materializes, and much of it is focused on that provision, generously offer to remove it.

4. If opposition greatly diminishes, you win. If opposition doesn’t greatly diminish, play the “I compromised, why won’t you?” card, label bill’s opponents as “unreasonable”, “not negotiating in good faith”, etc.

Lamar Smith doesn’t know jack about the Internet, but he certainly knows enough about politics to use this ploy.

gorehound (profile) says:

Creating an Event in Portland, Mine

I am Jordan the Vocalist for Big Meat Hammer and one of Maine’s oldest Punk Rockers.I will post this here and on the new thread on PIPA Sponsors above this News Story.Since I am against both PIPA & SOPA I will do this same Post on two different Stories.I will not take up any more of techdirt’s time on my grand plan.
I have a mission !!! I am wondering who might want to take part in a Protest against Censorship in Portland.I am thinking of an event maybe called “Burn You Big Content Day”.Each person would at least bring one book,CD, or Movie put out by either MPAA,RIAA, or one of the Big Publishing Companies.We would have our Protest Signs and at one point we will all bring our “Content” to throw into a pile.We would then either take an AXE to it or BURN IT.I would bring out my expensive Camera gear to shoot a Video of this Event and we could upload that Video to the Internet.If you live here in Maine and would be willing to Donate a short period of your time for this then reply here.If enough will sign on then I should set a Date well before Jan.24TH as that is the day I am pretty sure they will be Voting on.It should be done in the next maybe 5 days ? So how many of you will sign on ? Today is Jan.13TH and you can either email me or go on my Facebook to sign up.If enough people sign up then we are going thru with this.

SlinkySlim (profile) says:

Yeah mate, what’s a fucking “reasonable measure” then!?

How about spelling things out for fuck’s sake. Is it so much to ask for things that are intended to made into law? Congress’s penchant for vague wording, where the intent seems to be deliberate obfuscation, is really having, and will continue to have, some adverse (a&e)ffects That kind of carelessness leads to abuse. That abuse will literally eat away the very tenets of this free society.

Watch the watchers.

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