DailyDirt: Never Get Involved In A Land War In Asia…?

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While there has been a lot of talk about the threat of cyberwarfare, there should probably be more concern about actual warfare and new secret weapons that can shoot things that explode. Not to be too paranoid, but the US has been focused on terrorism for the last several years, but regular armies/navies/etc haven’t been standing still. Here are just a few possible examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Never Get Involved In A Land War In Asia…?”

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TtfnJohn (profile) says:

Don't tell anyone BUT

The US Navy’s “stealth” subs do seem to have a problem hiding from the Royal Canadian Navy. The RCN can always find them. Mind you, we’ve specialized in submarine finding/hunting since we got escort duty across the Atlantic in WW2 and have kept it up ever since.

The basic rule is “if it’s moving down there, we’ll find it”. Next step in war, of course, is “then we’ll destroy it”.

The USN and RCN regularly hold exercises to see how long it takes our frigates to find the subs, then the USN goes back and tries to figure out how to make it longer.

MORAL: If you’re sub commander and hear a RCN frigate above you kiss your ass goodbye, if you have the time. 😉

Claiborne (profile) says:

RE: Sub Stalking US Fleet

I am sorry, but the Washington Times is about as reliable as Fox News. It is a propaganda tool of the Unification Church and Sun Myung Moon.
Either of the following are more likely to share less biased information. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/11/14/world/main2179694.shtml

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