Righthaven.com Domain Auction Has Begun

from the place-your-bids dept

As promised last week, it appears that the auction of the righthaven.com has begun over at SnapNames. The auction will apparently run until January 6th at 12:15 PT. So if you were planning to take up a collection to buy it for yourself, start counting those pennies. There have already been a few bids, and at the time I’m writing this, they’re asking a bit over $1,000.

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Comments on “Righthaven.com Domain Auction Has Begun”

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justok (profile) says:

Re: confused

I don’t get it either, but let’s leave our sex lives out of this.

The domain isn’t worth $1000, it’s worth more. As to why, let’s round up the usual suspects:
-name recognition, it’s infamous, rather than famous, and good for lotsa hits. The new domain will get traffic just from the publicity alone, regardless of what ends up on the site.
-repurposing, with a name like RightHaven, there are several other marketing themes/strategies that could be used (“This is the Right Haven for …”)
-nyah, nyah to poke fun etc at Right Haven (as was) and the related DRM/SOPA/PIP/patent/copyright stuff.

MAtt says:

Re: confused

A domain is worth more than the actual cost to own/renew it because some idiot, marketing guy, work-from-home profiteer of people clicking on stuff, or domain buyer-seller is willing to pay for the assumption (and often reality) of a ROI on the inflated price paid.

But isn’t that how the whole works? (wall street; real estate; etc.)

G Thompson (profile) says:

I’ve been thinking, and yes I know at this time of year its a strain 😉 , but what say the Techdirt community buys up the RightHaven domain name and uses it in the same way that Groklaw is used but instead of for patents and software legals for copyright itself.

Use it to counteract the CP troll’s worldwide.

Most of us pay for the “insider” badge and seeing as the Tshirt is currently sold out *grumbles* Maybe a one off payment for the RightHaven URL would be a good thing. Across 100 of us (or more) would be well worth it. Ownership might have to rest in hands of Floor64 though (unless someone can figure out a co-op situation)

We could then have a Haven online that shows the Right and ethically correct way copyrights should be used for the benefit of all.

Just a thought

Anonymous Coward says:

Overcast and #18 coward:
Sued by whom? Righthaven’s assets are being seized and sold…this will eventually include the name and the trademarks.
Even if the current righthaven people sue, they will not get to keep the money, if any, that they win. If they can collect.

Besides, even if they do sue, they probably won’t show up to court.

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