WSJ The Latest Mainstream Press To Run Anti-SOPA/PIPA Opinion Piece

from the this-isn't-what-hollywood-expected dept

Add the Wall Street Journal to the list of mainstream publications writing about just how damaging SOPA and PIPA would be. Former WSJ publisher, and now columnist, L. Gordon Crovitz, has written an opinion piece trashing the bills as being nothing more than Hollywood trying to “strangle” the internet.

These bills would go so far to protect copyright that they would strangle the Internet with regulation. The Web would be transformed from a permissive technology where innovation is welcome to one where websites are shut down first, questions asked later.

Crovitz summarizes the situation by highlighting how frequently the entertainment industry has cried wolf in the past:

Hollywood is playing to stereotype, hoping to suppress technology as it did in 1982, when the late industry lobbyist Jack Valenti said the invention of the VCR was to the “American film producer and the American public as the Boston Strangler was to the woman home alone.” Hollywood has since also fought DVD players, DVRs and MP3 players.

Technology makes many things possible, good and bad. One thing that seems a mission impossible is having laws keep up with the pace of change on the Internet. Hollywood’s effort to create a different story line for the future of the Web is a horror show. Lawmakers should walk out.

While not the official position of the WSJ, it’s good to see more mainstream pieces calling out the problems with SOPA and PIPA. It’s really kind of amazing. The supporters of these bills really seemed to think they’d be approved without any real pushback. They’re still trying to make such claims in our comments. The reality is that there’s a growing public realization that a few big businesses who don’t want to adapt are trying to saddle the innovation industry with regulations to slow down the pace of innovation. That goes against what most people want. Sooner or later, Congress is going to realize that you can’t just vote for the bills that get the most lobbying dollars… if you won’t be able to get the votes of your constituents when election season rolls around.

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Comments on “WSJ The Latest Mainstream Press To Run Anti-SOPA/PIPA Opinion Piece”

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Mike42 (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Yeah. It’s much better to say, “Hey, you’ve been accused of rape. You now have to sit in jail without possibility of bail, until we get around to doing a DNA test in a month or 6. We would let you go on bail, but you might rape that person again in the meantime. The person accusing you of rape has been known to make lots of false accusations, but we don’t care, ’cause they give us money.

Is that what you’re talking about?

out_of_the_blue says:

Suddenly you're with the "mainstream" press?

Should be a tip right there that SOPA would actually be good.

But I’ll stick with opinion that the fix is definitely in so the Establishment organs are now free to criticize it. — Took ’em a month to get excited? Phooey. — Look for its passage right before Congress rushes off for holidays.

Jay (profile) says:

Re: Re: Suddenly you're with the "mainstream" press?

Can you imagine the crap storm that would ensue for the reps that voted for it?

Here’s a bigger question… When they’re voted out, would the next reps repeal it?

Leahy’s out of touch reply that 40 Senators support this, while the rest of the world does not, says that these Senators need a dose of reality because they will still try to support bad legislation.

Anonymous Coward says:

Elvis Costello incites piracy!


Steal This Record

If on the other hand you should still want to hear and view the component parts of the above mentioned elaborate hoax, then those items will be available separately at a more affordable price in the New Year, assuming that you have not already obtained them by more unconventional means.


In another quote:

One percenter asks: “Have You Ever Heard of Anybody Great That’s Come Out of the 99 Percent?”


Well, to that one I have to answer that aside from Einstein that was an office clerk, Pitagoras that probably founded the first socialistic society in written history, Archimedes, Leonardo Da Vinci(a bastard son that never got formal education), William Thomson(a.k.a. Lord Kelvin was the son of a farmer) and probably more than half the founders of the 500 biggest companies today no there was never anybody great that came from the 99%.

All of this ignoring the great names of today like Steven Hawkins, many many mathematicians including one Russian guy(Gregori Perelman) that lives in poverty and didn’t take the million dollar award.

The more people get smart the more they realize that you can always live with only the basics apparently only the stupid ones are the ones that pursue the bling bling mentality.

Wealth should be a consequence of work well done, not some entitlement line of reasoning, trying to slice work into layers to make it easier to others to claim they are great is just not what the world needs, the world needs people who understand the whole dynamics between markets(people) and production, not crazy assumptions of what it should be, reality will always win that battle.

And SOPA is just another proof that stupid people are the ones trying to gain control without having to do any real work.

Anonymous Coward says:

Sooooo, Chubby. After taking enormous pains in your article about how the NYT and LA Times came out opposing the bills officially (through the editorial board) you (again) deliberately post a misleading headline suggesting the WSJ has come out against it. Clearly you know the difference but you continue to deceive. Why, Pudgy, why?

Ninja (profile) says:

Re: Re:

And instead of recognizing that two major news outfits adopted an official stance against the absurd of SOPA and colunists (like WSJ case) that don’t necessarily represent the newspapers but have an impact on what the mainstream public does and thinks you are simply calling Mike names and focusing on some unimportant issue that is properly explained in the article if you care to read it.

Makes you so more credible and reliable. I just shed a tear.

The eejit (profile) says:

Re: Re:

1) you missed the final two words: Opinion Piece

2) Nice anonymity. Be a shame if something happened to it (Like SOPA).

3) You consistently fail to address any even remotely valid criticisms of SOPA, just going with “chubby”. I, for one, like chubby people, but you clearly don’t.

4) Please, raise your discourse or bugger off back to Achin’ Asshole, Alaska. After all, your view is becoming more and more marginalised every single day.

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