Email Is 40 Years Old

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For a few years now, we’ve been joking about how email is for old people. Studies have increasingly been showing that the younger generation prefers text messaging, instant messaging and various social networking private message systems to good old fashioned email. So it’s worth noting that sometime this month, email apparently turned 40 years old. So perhaps it’s showing its age, which is why the kids today don’t bother with it.

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Comments on “Email Is 40 Years Old”

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Jim_G says:

Oh yeah, tachyons modems. I remember those. Nowadays I just use a quantum model configured for the “Many-Worlds” interpretation. All possible version of myself receive every possible package.

Much better than the old “Schr?dinger’s cat” models, because then all my packages were simultaneously broken and non-broken. Very confusing until the wave function collapsed into one state.

Hephaestus (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“Much better than the old “Schr?dinger’s cat” models, because then all my packages were simultaneously broken and non-broken. Very confusing until the wave function collapsed into one state.”

Next time buy the Schr?dinger shipping insurance, it will either be paid out … or not. And for some reason they don’t insure cats.

Rekrul says:

Re: Re:

I tried to create an email the other day, holly mother of God, what the hell did I get myself into.

I took a beating from the captcha’s, and after 10 or 15 tries I got it right.

I hope I’m not the only old dude who have problems with the distorted images in a 24″ screen.

Captchas for email?

Web sites like Hotmail and Gmail are just web interfaces to the email system. There are many stand-alone email programs that run on your computer and connect to the mail servers directly, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. They can even be configured to work with Gmail and probably Hotmail.

When sending email with these programs, there’s no captcha to deal with. Sometimes when I send a message through Gmail, it asks me to re-type my password, but that’s all. My ISP email address never asks since I told it to save the password.

andromaster (profile) says:

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