DailyDirt: Nicer Packaging For The Stuff We Eat

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Food packaging technology has come a long way from tin cans and glass containers. Packaging material is thinner and lighter and keeps food fresher for longer. And now that some plastics can be more easily recycled or composted, there are nifty new containers that could be slightly more environmentally friendly. Maybe food packaging hasn’t been perfected just yet, but here are some interesting examples of progress in food distribution.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Nicer Packaging For The Stuff We Eat”

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Rekrul says:

Re: what's wrong with glass?

I think they should store more food in glass containers… who wants all this plastic crap?

People who don’t want to clean up broken glass and spilled food every time they lose their grip on a container.

It’s all well and good to say that they should be more careful, but be honest; How many times have you accidentally dropped a food container?

Plus, plastic is squeezable, glass isn’t. Remember the days of banging on the bottom of the ketchup bottle trying to get it to come out. Heinz even made commercials satirizing this problem with their “It’s slow good!” ads.

Michael Long (profile) says:

Less Packaging... Less Food

How about mentioning the recent trend towards redesigning packaging so that it hides the fact that the packaging now contains less food?

One brand of cookies — that I no longer buy — changed the plastic tray from two rows running lengthwise to three rows running across. And went from 16 ozs to 13.5 ozs in the process. (Keebler Pecan Sandies)

Some Triscuit crackers now come in a “snack box” (and only in a snack box) that’s kind of shaped like an old-style popcorn box. And it too went from 16 ozs to 13.5 ozs in the process.

But did the prices decrease 15% as well? Nope.

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