Guy Accused Of Being Part Of Anonymous Banned By Court From Using His Real Name Online

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Ah, the bizarre legal results of confused courts and confused laws. Four of the people arrested in the UK and accused of being a part of the not-actually-a-group Anonymous last week won a small part of a court battle. Prosecutors apparently had asked the court to bar the four from using Twitter or other social networking and chat services, such as TinyChat, arguing that “Anonymous as a group continues to be active.” The court decided that it would not issue such a complete ban, though it had already blocked them from using IRC. Instead, it said that they could continue to use social networking and chat programs… but not use their existing online personas. It is, therefore, somewhat ironic that one of the people in question used his real first name as his online persona previously:

Peter David-Gibson, aged 20 from Hartlepool, who went by the online nickname ?Peter?

Yes, you read that right. A guy accused of being Anonymous, but who used his real name online, can now no longer use his real name… because he may have been a part of Anonymous. That makes sense.

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Comments on “Guy Accused Of Being Part Of Anonymous Banned By Court From Using His Real Name Online”

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Beta (profile) says:

Inspector Python, of the Yard

This has the makings of a comedy sketch. After narrowly avoiding losing the prisoners altogether when they stated their names (and ceased to be Anonymous), the court forbade them to participate in social networks using their own names– the one act that would be completely irrelevant to the charges against them. Or maybe it was a trap, and the police were monitoring every message in hopes of catching one signed “Anonymous”. Sort of like forbidding an accused car thief to ride the tube; the accused leaves the court building on foot, past the parking lot, while hordes of CID men crouch behind the hedge, waiting…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Hopefully this is the end....

Many IP critics and Techdirt supporters already identify themselves here on Techdirt and elsewhere. From what I can tell, the ones who are mostly anonymous are IP maximists and techdirt critics. If anything, IP maximists should be the ones fighting for anonymity a whole lot more than IP critics. I suspect that Internet anonymity abolition will not change the commentary of most (already non-anonymous) IP critics and techdirt followers, if anything, it will reduce the trolling of IP maximists and it will force them not to impersonate IP critics in order to make them look bad.

Let me give you a hint. Anonymity does not serve IP critics and techdirt followers nearly as much as it servers IP maximists and techdirt critics. While I’m anonymous, and I completely support your (and my and everyone’s) right to comment anonymously, look around. Many (probably most) techdirt followers are non-anonymous. You can click their links and it’ll take you right to their website, with their first and last names (and sometimes a picture of them) right on their website. You can then use that info to find their facebook and other social networking channels. MM is non-anonymous. In case you haven’t noticed, the ones that are anonymous here are techdirt critics. So, yes, if the government abolishes anonymity, lets see who that harms the most.

snidely (profile) says:

Re: He's still banned from at least one

I would love to see the back and forth with Google on this…

Google: **Deleted** David-Gibson is not your real name.
PDG: I’m not legally allowed to use my real name.
Google: Why not?
PDG: Well, at first I was Anonymous, but then the court found out who I was so I was no longer anonymous. The court said that I could be part of Anonymous, but I couldn’t use my real name when commenting on Anonymous’ activities. So now I’m anonymous because I can’t use my name. We are all Anonymous.

angryfinland (profile) says:


wow, and here we were just thinking about actually coming out of the closet and starting to use our real names. best keep them for the old facebook things and just go on letting angryfinland be the one what says stuff semi anonymously. Ah well, first norway and sweden announce the banning of anonymous accounts, then finnish authorities start talking about doing the same and finnish national broadcaster bans anonymous postings, now this, the irony we would all laugh if it was just possible.

cfren says:

This is a serious question — why are all the techies on this website hand-picked ugly Jews who make even John Pospisil look human? John Pospisil wants it known that Techdirt’s labeling him inferior because he is Australian is not taken lightly. I personally admire Australians because they are so low-class. We need more low-class Australians like John Pospisil!

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