DailyDirt: We Can Rebuild Him. We Have The Technology.

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The six million dollar man was grossly underpriced. But someday the technology to to augment human limbs and senses could come down in costs. There are plenty of engineers working on robotic prosthetics. Here are just a few examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: We Can Rebuild Him. We Have The Technology.”

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darryl says:

Not overpriced - today's price is over inflated.


The six million dollar man was grossly underpriced.

Sure you have not got the brains to work out that $6 million dollars in 2011 is worth ALOT less than $6 million is 1974.

I guess a dissusion about “price” and “value” would be far beyond you.

they allready have, what about hearing aids, sight aids, and yes new composite artificial limbs, that have been around for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS. From well before 1974.

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