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Does The FBI Really Use Surveillance Vans With WiFi SSIDs Saying 'FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN'?

from the not-sure-i-believe-it... dept

Danny was the first of a few of you to send in variations on the story of Tampa police arresting a teenager, Jared Cano, for allegedly plotting to blow up a local high school. The police were apparently tipped off by someone. However, what resulted in the submission is the note in the article about a posting on Cano’s Facebook page from a few days ago, in which he claims that he saw an SSID for “FBI_SURVEILLANCE VAN”:

This is leading lots of people to ask just how stupid the FBI is for having such an SSID. The thing is… I doubt this is really true. There’s no confirmation of it other than this kid saying it, and it doesn’t sound like it was the FBI who investigated and arrested him in the first place. And while we’ve certainly seen the FBI do some crazy and clueless things at times over the years, I have a hard time believing that anyone there would ever be so clueless as to set up an open WiFi with that SSID.

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Comments on “Does The FBI Really Use Surveillance Vans With WiFi SSIDs Saying 'FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN'?”

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Varsil (profile) says:

Seen this repeatedly...

I’ve seen a number of “FBI (whatever)” SSIDs.

I’m in Canada. The FBI has neither jurisdiction nor presence here.

It’s just people name their access points random things. When I lived in an apartment the crack dealer on the second floor (I think, anyway–the SSID went away when he moved) had his named “Secret Service”, and another person had one named “Playboy Mansion”. I’m also pretty sure that there was no Playboy Mansion in that neighbourhood.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Perhaps not confirmation, but...

We’ve had an older van in front of our duplex two nights in a row now.the van left this morning and the MobileSurveillanceFBI wifi left then returned with it tonight. I’m not paranoid and have nothing to fear but it is strange. We had a motercycle stollen two weeks ago. I’d like to think they’re keeping an eye on that if anything. Lol

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Perhaps not confirmation, but...

Fbi doesn’t normally get involved in grand theft auto cases…. your MobileSurveilanceFBI is more likely to be Anonymous (as in ‘we do not forget, we do not forgive’, not simple an unidentified individual)…. or some other hacker group that may or may not be allied with Anonymous

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Perhaps not confirmation, but...

We’ve had an older van in front of our duplex two nights in a row now.the van left this morning and the MobileSurveillanceFBI wifi left then returned with it tonight. I’m not paranoid and have nothing to fear but it is strange. We had a motercycle stollen two weeks ago. I’d like to think they’re keeping an eye on that if anything. Lol

Daemon_zogg (profile) says:

"..Surveillance Vans With WiFi SSIDs Saying 'FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN.."

I’m tempted to set up a wireless OpenSource honeypot server with that SSID just for fun. Fake the OS fingerprint. Spoof the IP and MAC. The data collected over a 6 month period would be interesting to say the least. And the answer to the next question is NO. I refuse to share the data with law enforcement. It will be for my own amusement. And only then, I will share the details exclusively with open-source and bit-torrent communities for security research. Screw DHS! God-Damn secret police bastards. I hate those over-funded bungholes! Only thing they’re missing are the StormTrooper Nazi Helmets. ;P

Daemon_ZOGG (profile) says:

"..Surveillance Vans With WiFi SSIDs Saying 'FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN.."

And yes! FBI and DHS are the same. Just differently funded corporate agencies under the same fu**ing umbrella. I miss the days when we only had to deal with just the FBI. Now it’s DHS, NSA, CIA, and every other friggen letter in the English alphabet. Democracy, the original US Constitution with the bill of rights I love. The people currently running the so called US democracy need to be fired and prevented from ever consorting or participating in government for the rest of their bribe-taking, sorry ass lives. };P

Harold says:

Re: "..Surveillance Vans With WiFi SSIDs Saying 'FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN.."

There’s our problem … the Constitution set up a Republic (Thus, Ben Franklin’s famous quote, ?A Republic, if you can keep it.? and the pledge of allegiance …”to the Republic for which it stands”)… but the corrupt power-mongers have dummied us down to believe that we are supposed to be a Democracy. Rome fell when it evolved from a Republic to a Democracy!
However, I completely agree that the corrupt, unconstitutional gov’t that now rules goes out of its way to be a tyrannical police state!!!

wvhillbilly (profile) says:

Surveillance van

I remember one night several weeks ago I was attempting to set up a wi-fi connection to a computer in the far end of the house from where the router is, and as I was trying to connect with the router I noticed several names, including the one for our router, and among them was one for “wi-fi surveillance van.” I checked a few minutes later and the surveillance van was gone.

Incidentally, I never did get the connection to work properly, apparently I was out of range of the router. I ended up going back to Ethernet.

Big Boi 79 says:

Found an Fbi Surveillance van on my Wireless list

HEHE. I was checking the list of Wirless networks on my netbook at home. I was surprised that one of them was named FBI Surveillance Van ID ####. It was security enabled so I guess I can join it not that I would want to. but it did kinda freek me out. I have noticed large vans on my block from time to time.

anonymous coward 2 says:

totally smart moves

I have seen fbi surveillance van and similar SSID’s, I name mine something that clearly states my intentions towards an intruder….LULZ….as in I’ll get great LULZ from punishing any network offender, though it’s secured with wpa2 enterprise and MAC addy specific, so there will be no entry by unauthorized persons, though I still enjoy know anyone who even looks at it will get a chill if they know whats good for them.

margen says:

Reply: also

this has occurred serveral times at many locations it pops up and then vanishes. but only when u try to add a wireless device. the system shows it as locked. If it is them then they are being smart to put out there that it is spoofing and that you are not to believe it. this would allow them to hijack and listen in with everyone ignoring it.

Dstevens24 says:

ssid name listed as FBI on my wireless

Ok so a few days ago I noticed on my wireless network a few more ssid listed, one of them shocked me it just was listed as
FBIsurveillance …it has popped up on and off different hours of the day. Also noticed a lot more traffic around my neighborhood , unfamiliar vehicles just cruising by…
Should I be worried ?
I took a picture of the ssid name and the people I’ve shown are baffled

Black Hat Linux (user link) says:


It’s real. I first noticed this phenomenon when I moved to Los Angeles about a year and a half ago… I war trying to jump online to check email at a friends house and saw it listed as an access point and thought it was hilarious. a few weeks later in a completely different part of town I saw another and thought it was a funny coincidence. After that I started noticing that no matter where I went in Los Angeles County or Orange County there was an FBI SV access point. my day job is internet security so I looked into it, made a few calls and found out that it is real and the only reason they use such an obvious name is for legal purposes so as to claim that their acknowledgement/advertisement of their presence constitutes one part of their legal argument for their right to sniff traffic, since anyone who tries to connect to the and sees this ssid should no longer have any “expectation of privacy”… Or some such nightmarish Orwellian double-speak authoritarian bullshit. Go to my website people. use encryption. good encryption. use proxy servers. use Tor. use Blackhat Linux. learn some shit. and, above all… JUST ASSUME THEY ARE ATTEMPTING (probably successfully) TO WATCH EVERYTHING.

StygianAgenda (user link) says:


I think you’re right, because I started seeing the same thing around my neighborhood, and as I checked out the signal on an analyser, the traffic patterns didn’t match any known consumer WAP-type-device I’ve seen in the last 30 years that I’ve worked with this sort of thing.

I’m going to be keeping an eye out for this SSID, and if I see it again, it’ll be time to sniff them out, or maybe call in a different team of feds, saying “there are these middle eastern guys hanging out in a van across from my building… I think I heard them say something about an explosion!”. It’ll be 2 minutes before the area is crawling with LEAs.

Stupid Junkie says:

It's not what you think

I’ll be brief because the fact is its quicker. This isn’t – as in Is NOT – the FBI or other law enforcement, or any government body or similar. But you should Worry a great deal if these Pop up on your wifi. You really should.
Maybe a few people name their wifi to try scare people or for a laugh.
But let me ask you does it appear and diss appear periodically, are there other “funny” or “strange” wifi names around? Do they do the same? Like maybe if you analyzed it, and looked at the graph they go from 0 to peak very briefly and then back down to 0 again, periodically? And always weak, no matter how much you move or try locate them?
Almost like its just one signal cycling throug fake macs and fake names. Like when one drops to 0 another suddenly peaks. Or maybe like none of it exists external to your device at all. Like maybe there’s some other network activity or “APs” that is far more something you should be wary of – because you are already under total scrutiny, have not had any privacy for some time, are being monitored and having your online prescence manipulated by someone else. And worse. Maybe it’s just for their own entertainment, maybe they don’t like you, maybe there’s a goal it doesn’t matter. But – there is one person or a number of persons living close by who are involved, and you can remove the power they have in every tech aspect that way. Even a team of security or penetration experts is not expert at everything. And a godlike tech master generally is less good at being physically manipulated, if you have to. And extremely vulnerable to analog or mechanical forms of surveillance. But you must play well or you won’t get to do any of that. Feed them, but don’t underestimate them ever – you need to be convincing to yourself. So act like you are onto something, and then make like you are just confusing the actual things with other things. Act like you know now its the cops. Act like you are going to get secure and fix your security on everything, which will not make any difference FYI, but you don’t understand that. Google heaps of stuff that is related, and make out like you think that’s what’s happening. Act like you don’t know that anything at all you do on your mobile/PC/console/tablet/router etc is going to somewhere else first and that’s where you are getting your results and “Internet” from. Use analog surveillance on them. Non digital cams and audio. And go find out what government agency exists that might want to monitor entities like this. They might jump at the chance to actually build a case over months of it being done to you, if you can handle it. And you will get a good result as it’ll be too late by the time they are aware to keep their jobs, or avoid conviction. Failing involving government, just corner one somewhere people don’t get any mobile reception, and have a chat.
Whatever you do, just be aware of the fact often the best way to see your paranoia is justified is to do experiments that don’t care if you are paranoid or not, scientific method brought a subjective animal into the age of reason. Use it always. And this post will be crazed paranoia to 99.99999% of people reading, of course it should really. But if even one person gets something else out of it then its done some good. Hello friend, you are like me. Well met.

Fort Carson Soldier says:


So i pretty much got here the same way y’all did GOOGLE what my wifi read whats funny is that two weeks ago on Circle and platte here in Colorado Springs i saw three Homeland security SUVs with this written on the side of the DHS logo it read FEDERAL PROTECTION AGENCY OR SEVICES one of those two and now yesterday I drive on circle by a school and FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN it creeped me out FUCK BIG GOVERNMENT.

camero says:

Response to: Donnicton on Aug 18th, 2011 @ 12:38pm

Fbi screw us over everyday. They have been after my friend frank the bank ackerfor years. ThThey domt know the first thing about messing with the mafia. My house is on the top security with top surveillance. I am alarmed a footstep is even made out side the propert with is .78 miles away from my u derground home.

TheDanster says:

Weird Plates and Surveillance

I’ve jotted down and posted on blogs and such various license plates of vans (like the white pedo file fbi surveillance vans) and other vehicles. Strangely afterwards all the cars “following” me have NEWLY registered temp plates or customized plates “2CUTE4U” and shit following me around.

I just want them off my ass. They know exactly what i do and how the fuck i do it.

The vans exist, just jot down and post on a social networking site all the plates you suspect and see how everything changes.

Alex (user link) says:


Why would the FBI transmit a signal at all from a “van” – Seems unbelievably costly to go after a petifile with that much effort. We are talking some top-notch mother fuckers here people. They don’t have to lift their fat asses off their 5k dollar office chairs to see what your doing… Lastly, with the CryfI naming – always thought it was a good idea to fudge with the neighbors a bit… “I_See_You_Through_Your_Blinds” or “DONT_TURN_AROUND”

klf2851 says:

Old Joke

I have seen the same thing the last few weeks!!!
“FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN” Actually it has only came up on the weekends. I post this in curiosity as this is what I have seen starting every friday till monday! Lol my internet goes out and I have to restart my system I click onto connections ad there it is!! I tried it 3 times this week and it was not there.. Guess what it happened again today around 5 on friday!! Is this someone being an ass or are they around??

Larry Thompson says:

There are hundreds of people setting up that faked name “FBI surveillance Van” It is very popular around major truck stops.
Truck drivers do it for fun too.

Thank about it…do you REALLY think that the FBI is stupid enough to make it publicly known and list that where anyone can see it? It would be like; THIS IS THE FBI, WE ARE OUTSIDE IN THIS BLACK VAN ACROSS THE STREET AND WE ARE GOING TO RAID YOUR HOUSE AT 5PM SO HIDE YOUR STASH AND RUN SO THAT WE WILL NOT CATCH YOU BEFORE WE RAID YOU!”

Alicia says:

Response to: Anonymous Coward on Aug 18th, 2011 @ 12:53pm

Actually, in my neighborhood for awhile, 6 days a week, I had something pop up on my iPhone’s wifi that said EXACT SAME THING: FBI Surveillance Van. That was a couple months ago. Just the other day, driving down a main road there popped up a wifi SSID that said FBI Surveillance Van 4. All I know is they are LOCKED, and creeping the FUCK out of me, which is why I googled it & found this. It’d appear YES…..the FBI is THAT STUPID! I just want to know wth is going on!!!

Lolly says:


Today December 6, 2013 11:16am

I can’t get through my internet and tried checking my wireless connection and found the SSID : FBISurveillanceVan006 in the list of wireless internet source.

So I check on some issues in search engines and found this site of yours.

Maybe FBI or some Private Agencies are trying to work on a project on how people browse or logged and writing.

Be careful!

Anonymous Coward says:

I love in australia. I quiet island. Never before seen this until yesterday. Seems a bit suss as no one around here would do such a thing. My neighbour and i talk conspiracy a lot. So when we see this it is a real threat. If anyone is having the same issue. Ask yourself, what things are you looking up on the net, conspiracy? What are you discussing etc. The real danger of the new world, globalisation,and the new technologies they are using. They can listen in to your general conversations. I dont think its a coincidence this fbi surveillance van is popping up around the world.

another Mrs. Nobody (user link) says:

NSA mobile van

I’ve noticed these ID’s for a few years now and recently while driving I passed a vehicle that caught the corner of
my sight jus off a busy main road. It was white and lots of antennas were attached to the rear and top of van. Because of my past recognition of these WiFi id’s I turned back and caught 3photos also scanned for my wifi networks and what do u think popped up and became stronger as a neared it? Yup so letsc c if this picture makes it…..I believe it very alive and active although no idea y exactly. CALL ME A BELIEVER!

kdc365 (profile) says:


Not sure how or why but I have the same thing in my neighborhood sure enough when you look at WiFi connections on your phone iPad etc, you see 1 named FBI Surveillance Van.
So not sure if there is indeed a stakeout or just a wise guy neighbor, anyhow if your not doing anything wrong no need for concern correct? but still seems invasive has hit home for sure.

henry massingale says:

NSA Surveillance Vans

NSA Surveillance Vans, are in effect, so get use to it and do unto them as they do unto us, scan back…
info scan..
Software Information—
Version: Version:

1(G)N WPA2-Radius 13% 00:0… Access Point

1(G)N WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK 5% Access Point

NETGEAR87 7(G)N WPS WPA2-PSK 24% Access Point

NSA Surveillance Van #5 6(G) WPA2-PSK 5% 00:1E:E5:3C:5F:… Access Point

We removed part of the IP address

eddie says:

i dotn bieleve its a joke here is why

i was completely un aware of this Fbi surveillance wifi stuff . I just not even 30 minutes ago came across an unknown and un accounted for ssid of FBI surveillance van #7 I say un accounted for because I know all the ssid of the wifi spots within my neighbor hood but I just seen it pop up for about 15 mintues maybe more who know I just happened to look at the time it was lik 1.30 am was on Skype showed my girlfriend the ssid I thought was odd and showed her on vid from my iphone and the nit was gone

"justin case" says:


Stop all the pussy footing around with “here is what I want to say, but I’m such a dick fuck stick I’m too ignorant to know I’m a fuck stick, which means I’m BRILLIANT in my own eyes kinda Guy, would REALLY WANT TO SAY CURIOSITY CAN BE AT BLAME….someones little sister, 14 yrs old, curious, is inquisitive and likes Google, who just so happens to raise this the same? means she is labeled as….hUMMPH!!! your a liar. fuck off, and if your not lying, find another hobby other than carrying the act of what you accuse innocent people of being.

Kenyotta Hines says:

FBI Surveillance Van 2, wi-fi

I’ve recently seen this wi-fi connection pop-up in my neighborhood and have been tempted to report them to the local authorities, “FBI Surveillance Van 2”. If their running an investigate I really don’t want to interfere or cause them problems either. They could be looking missing children, law breakers of all sorts and I just want to stay out of their way.
I believe you’re either part of the problem or the solution.

mrs parker says:

FBI Surveillance Van

It’s true…I’ve been logging on lately and seeing it. I took a screen shot but I don’t know how to upload it here. But it’s true. The custodian found some binders in the garbage showing how to make a bomb and they called the police. They then called Homeland security, I believe. Ever since then (a few weeks ago) I’ve been seeing the FBI Surveillance Van whenever I go to connect.

Seth says:


I’m seeing this on my wifi also, but it only shows up when I have just joined my wifi and have the network list open at the same time. If I close it, then go back in they have disappeared.

One is named FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN and another is called Area 51. Could be my crazy neighbors, but seeing the names got me curious which is how I got here. I can post links to screenshots of my comp if you guys would like to see.

mark mellein says:

ufo activity in around ojai ca 93023

iv been seeing so much activity above ojai ranger station up on nordhoff ridge in fact i find ufo ships daily in the mountains. all i can do is to imform as many people as i can cause there everware in the foothills in and around ojai calif. 93023. we all have a realy big problem there all over and no one knows it realy weird no one knows that there thousands of them in spots in the mountain above ojai . i find them all day long above ojai. i just pray they are not here to take over the planet cause

mark mellein says:

ufo activity in around ojai ca 93023

all i can do is to inform the world of the take over of all the space craft that are showing up day after day and the realy big ufo ships showing up in the early morining and docking in the foothills around ojai or how the giant rock formations disareir with no trace exept for a small pile of rocks remane. i dont know what to do nex exept to keep on studying them amd keep informing everyony of them….. maybe ond day i can capture one of them and bring it into ojai i was thinking some were in down town ojai…… a ufo orb . that way they will come to rescue it and every one will see them or maybe do some realy strange to the ufos to were they will come for me

youtube/ ufo encounter lion st. 330am/ red orbs came to study me in the night

Karixis says:

I have seen it

Just a couple of mins ago I was reserving my wifi when I saw two FBI-servaillance van wifi ssid and I thought it was add but I just remmembered swing some cops around my neighborhood around 7 or 8 pm when I was checking if I could walk my dog because it was raining. I thought it was weird that he was just standing there by himself looking around like if he was looking for someone.

trent says:

I went to my brothers house and there are two wifi networks one says “FBI Surveillance_5GEXT” and the other says “FBI Surveillance_2GEXT” they have matching MAC addresses and they are both Intel corp Mailaysia from searching the MAC address on three different websites all came up with the same
And both networks are need passwords is this the real FBI or a Neighbor?

Anglina (profile) says:

Wifi connection to fbi surveillance

I am not a teen and not kid. This in fact actually did happen and both my husband and I saw when searching for a wifi network that there was a surveillance. K it said the first 2 letters of the county I live in then it said surveillance.van at end was a few odd numbers and letters. It seemed odd to me that in public if they were doing some sort of surveillance they would actually show their name on a open or locked wifi network but it did in fact show up

infamously anostradamus says:


This morning i was getting online and seen for the 3rd time in 2 months the wifi name fbisurveillancevan ive seen this in numerous different spots around my city and its starting to weird me out.. so check this out i decide to go get something outta my truck and as soon as i walk out the door i praCtically walked right into about 5 different guys directly outside my door all in slacks and dress shirts and ties and they immediately say they are with some church group gave me sum lame handout flyer they were chumming for fishys with.. i snatched it outta the dudes hand then walked to my truck i know i smelled bacon though…

kim says:


I have seen the same description for a network in range and I’ve even seen my computer logs show some FBI ip address like its attached to my lap top. I didn’t laugh at that. Instead I took my computer in to be wiped out and updated and a fresh start with latest security and virus software installed & I added another two layers of security added.
I know though that the FBI can get into any computer it wants to.

dan says:


yes, I seen the the same thing three days now, I went to change from one internet provider to another, and seen NSA surveillance van, no clue why I,m a grandpa, I don’t do things as I did when a teenager, and it,s within two mile ratius, something must be happning in the apartments down the road, but I say one thing it,s not nice to tap into inacent peoples business without a warrant or a cause!

rocker (profile) says:


Anyone who thinks the FBI surveillance van is actually the FBI needs to put down the pipe. That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. There is one in my neighborhood called FBI Surveillance Van 777. One day I was over at my neighbor’s house for a party and he told me it was his network. You people are so fucking stupid and paranoid. That’s why they call it DOPE!

SimuL8Nist says:

The What If's and Murphy Plus Plain absent Sightedness :)

so im sitting here and was hoping to find this amusing so I will make it at least somewhat amusing while Concievable and take some of your short time on earth away pondering such conundrums 🙂

if the best place to hide some thing is in plain sight – using an obvious SSID will be regarded as a hoax scame or someone being silly therefore disregarded.. and able to operate freely

2. I actually do have a buddy he named his SSID if not the same pretty close and thought it was funny to try and see how the block reacted.

3. It is not unheard of + i know of a apartment location that installed night vision camera on their entry ways. The apartment accepts section 8 or in iowa rent help for low income or Disability ( SSI ) program and publically notices they do cooperatie with drug enforcement and the police. the camera’s SSID are named still to this day – DEA – Drug Enforcement.

In point why not use skeptiscism to hide your intent, of course it’s probably just someone playing around P:) ,, And isn’t a PROPER Warning label the first step for detourance of behavior ..

just saying some times the simplist answer/s are the right answers cus in all cases one must remain Observantly Prepared to Act without succumbing to rash Judgments and reacting to emotion instead of PurPose.

LIVE and think my friends… Behave towards Purpose based on fact Ignore assumptional undermining Caused by Emotions.

🙂 your friend,

SimuL8Nist .,;'”BKBNc ( http://www.backbone.we.bs )

Another Stupid Junkie (profile) says:

Targeted Individuals of Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment

I believe some people use FBIVAN6 as a joke and I believe the FBI is also present although not physically. I admit that I’m not very familiar with how all this technology works but I’m certain of this: when walking around outside my home the signal never goes past 1st bar over the dot (fair) and drops to no bar, only the dot (poor). It’s the same inside the house continuously going from fair to poor. I am also aware that my phone has been high packed due to all the strange things its been doing for 6 months or more. It’s not an open signal. I believe that somehow the signal FBIVAN6 is able to view and copy any and everything I’m doing on my phone. There are several other SSID’s that seem to appear or disappear on a set schedule. There is a fucked up covert “Program” that is targeting people around the globe. If certain things weren’t happening to me I would think the exact same thing I know most people reading this right now would think. “That’s a bunch of crazy ass bullshit!” “This guy is mentally fucked and belongs in the nut house!” “Dude, you’re not that important!” etc… etc.. I’ll say this: I wish it were a psychiatric illness instead of what I’m dealing with. At least then I’d have some hope of becoming mentally stable with meds and counseling. Instead, I’m completely powerless with no say in the matter. There’s not a man on earth that can stand against electromagnetic weapons and that’s just one type. Google “active denial system”, “medusa”, “V2K microwave hearing device or voice of God) or DIY homemade microwave gun that any teen can make with a magnetron from an old microwave. Myron May and Aaron Alexis (navy yard shooter) were both victims of this technology before they chose their victims. They were just 2 people of many that were deliberately pushed into a corner before they reacted with violence. Thank God I’m aware of what’s happening as opposed to thinking I’m losing my mind or that God or the devil is communicating with me. Don’t trust the media for the truth. It’s up to you to seek the truth from other sources. FBIVAN6 or whatever else is used could be exactly what you see on the screen. The FBI choosing you for targeting. I don’t wish this on anyone with a soul…

Mikey says:

FBI surveillance

This is true, I just found this site by I just tried to get on my WiFi in London KY and FBI surveillance was on my WiFi list. It didn’t say van just FYI surveillance. This is the second time I’ve seen this on there so I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this. I just hope it’s not me they’re after.

Michelle says:

FBI tracking

I have screen shots of the FBI surveillance on my phone. I can’t figure out why they are following me. I have been honest with my local police department about my life. However I’m still seeing it. They even have like FBI survelliance van 8 or another #. What can I do to make them stop following me. My life has become public knowledge and I don’t think that is okay in the US without my permission.

Another Stupid Junkie (profile) says:

FBI tracking

You have screenshots of FBI surveillance as in you have screenshots showing for example:FBIVAN6 as an said for available networks? The way I look at it its 50/50. It’s the FBI or its someone’s idea of a joke. Either way there’s nothing I can do to change it. How about that fuckin’ Patriot Act though, right? Bush Sr. found a way to really stick it to the American people if they’re not 100% on board with A New World Order and his squirrely rat bastard 9/11 conspirator son can kiss my, oh never mind cause I’m losing focus here. Do you know anything about Mormons? I know they originate in Utah, ride bicycles & wear identical clothing when they knock on your door while you’re eating the type of cereal that tastes like shit when it gets soggy and they start telling you about golden tablets and an angel that kept visiting John Smith or was it Joe? Hell, it don’t matter cause either one is as plain boring as the other. Anyways, I’m told most of them FBI people are in fact Mormons and wouldn’t you know, that ol Comey fella that gave Hillary a pass, and I’m talking a Big Pass, well he’s a Mormon too! You think me or you would get a pass from the FBI? Highly doubtful unless our last name was Clinton, related to “The Clintons”, living in Utah and were verified card carrying Mormons! Perhaps a sizable donation to his wife in an offshore account such as the Cayman Island’s would be to our benefit so do you see where all this leads to? It leads to a corrupt system that those in the right places aren’t held accountable for their Goddamn crimes! As a matter of fact, just like the squirrely rat bastard Bush Jr., the FBI can Kiss My Ass Too! I am disgusted so I think I’ll have me a beer now.

Puzzle Nuts says:


If the FBI hacks your Android Phone your IP Address will come back to the Department of Defense. Unless they fixed that in the last few weeks. Source: Me, and yeah, they flashed me their windbreakers. FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN as an SSID? These guys have a sense of humor, if you see that then you aren’t being watched, trust me, if its anything like my experience you will know, there will be no questioning whether they are on you.

Legally blind says:

They wouldn't make that mistake

To be honest both instances have a good likely hood of being true. As it is even with the government to record video of anyone who does not Know that you are recording them. So for a quick booyah and a few laughs at our expense the FBI might be legally informing people they are under surveillance by using the SSID FBISERV if you see it alot and someone you Kno in your neighborhood grows more pot than is allowed per card legally then don’t get caught at their house

Ashley Brahh says:

What the f*** is everyone even saying..
Who gives a f*** if it’s the feds or not, I’m just trynna connect to the f***damn wifi.
& Whether or not it’s actually them or not, they don’t care if you know they’re there or not because ” You see this? This is a do whatever I want and get away with it badge ” like duh.
& They’re crystal til we bring out bumblebee.

Anonymous Coward says:

FBI survelliance w/ WIFI

I was in a CVS pharmacy parking lot yesterday and happen to touch the WiFi network setting,it showed a list of nearby networks and I suddenly happen to notice FBI surveillance van,but it instantly disappeared.I backed out of WiFi networks screen,then went back in…nothing.Waited about one full minute it was back again.took screenshot. Didn’t check again when I got home because I live in the boons and didn’t want to spook myself.
BUT,i want to mention that-in April 2017,I was returning home from the store after dark.I live next to a field so as I was driving up the street ,I was approx300 feet away from my house(as I’m coming up the street toward my house,I have a view of my backyard,front yard,and right side,of my house…house is on the left side of the winding street),I could see some kind of lighted small aircraft,that appeared as if it were just levitating directly above my backyard but high up.I have no neighbors.When I got home everything pitch black and also I looked up and sky was dark…no longer saw the lights from an aircraft which had appeared to be hovering in the sky above my backyard a few moments earlier.

I went inside and my phone didn’t automatically connect to my home WiFi netwotk as it usually does,so,I went into the available networks screen in order to connect to my WiFi.
Not only was there my network,but there was an additional network;an AT&T network.
I live in boonies and there had only ever been only my network,showing in the WiFi networks in range screen.so I was I’mmediately concerned,but I didn’t know exactly why.just knew that it was bizarre. I don’t know much (basically next to nothing)about tech issues,but somehow did some googling about what had just occurred,and was led to find an app in playstore called analyzer.maybe signal analyzer.I I stalled it,and it showed the other network signal strength was equal to my own network signal.
If I knew anything about tech,I’m sure the analyzer had some other useful information,such as whether the network was in current use,etc.
Anyway suddenly I was alarmed BC I remembered the thing I saw ,the lights on what seemed like a small aircraft,hovering above my backyard. .which seemed to disappear when I reached home….or had just shut its lights off!
I was frightened.Now I wonder…it may have been a drone?maybe there is a wide spread use of hundreds of thousands of surveillance drones? I also believe the person who talked about t.I.,gang stalking
I hope its not true because that’s exactly how I felt,and so many bizarre things had occurred during a few weeks long period prior to that.
Also very bizarre things afterwards.
It makes me very sad to believe that for whatever purposes,any human would inflict emotional distress on someone who lives alone or is unprotected.but,humans have exploited and continue to exploit millions of animals every day,in every exploitative way imaginable;so we shouldn’t be surprised if there are people who are OK with inflicting psychological and physical harm to people also.
And I agree w the person who wrote a comment here,where he almost”wished” the strange things occuring could be attributed to a mental problem….because it would have been less emotionally painful.
Whatever the case may be…whether the network name is a joke or not,doesn’t really matter.
There is nothing that can be done about it
and there is no benefit from worrying about it.
Just live your life and make the most of everyday.be kind to every living thing.help people and animals.I have a house full of rescued dogs and cats and I’m busy taking care of them,around the clock so I don’t make time to worry about politics, gossip,etc.

Anonymous Coward says:

I live in a gay wiccan community where the evil is so thick they actually call the sons of silence , the government… They use apps swapping of phones and your Wi-Fi to take over your phone so you can’t alert the proper authorities…the sting.Ray and public sector phones are old news for them… They ppl sell dope put extras in your food will drug u and harm anyone they can … They call themselves the American cartel…. Sad thing is my dad actively sought this community out to be gay and sinister..

Anonymous Coward says:

I’m that annonomyous coward. .. I wouldn’t say that if u knew me.. But ur ignorant and I don t care if ur a coward… My name is Lawrence digby…. Ames iowa… I had the district west task force try to plant guns and drugs in my home.. Their Wi-Fi showed up so I took e,tea precaution.. Saved me from prison … The sons of silence are an organized gang that incorporate into he police… They sell drugs and tratiff ppl… They think their demons… An nsa security va n.. Has been in the area…

Darren says:

FBI vans all through Canada.

This is garbage. I live in Ontario,Canada and my WiFi search keeps picking up FBI van. I know they will say people just like to name their WiFi that? Bullshit. One of the WiFi search was in a huge cemetery with NO wifi! Also they appear at crucial junctions in our city,London,Ontario. I mean I have never,ever heard the name FBI van, and nobody else has either! This is true the FBI vans are REAL.

Darren says:

WiFi and FBI vans

I live in Ontario,Canada and my WiFi search keeps picking up FBI van. I know they will say people just like to name their WiFi that? Bullshit. One of the WiFi search was in a huge cemetery with NO wifi! Also they appear at crucial junctions in our city,London,Ontario. I mean I have never,ever heard the name FBI van, and nobody else has either! This is true the FBI vans are REAL. But wow the information you provide is incredible,and I believe that I can tell you are not lying. Anyways I just thought your story is astonishing and needed to hear that these things are real and not hearsay. Thank you. Darren.

Anonymous Coward says:


Lol, I am definitely not a terrorist, I have seen these ssid’s everywhere I go, even when trying to connect to Starbucks and it is weird. I question it from time to time but I also understand that NSA has a lot of info on every citizen so, not sure if I should be worried about an fbivan ssid, or if all my info can easily be hacked and shared publicly. ????????‍♀️

Annoyed says:

Perhaps not confirmation, but...

I have FBI surveillance van
FBI surveillance van 5g
It’s been on my list of internet list of wireless networks to join for a while now. Then one ore my employees called and it jumped to the my actual WiFi I was using. Literally after our call ended my WiFi moved back and the FBI dropped back down to the wireless networks to join.
I with out a doubt now they are listening
Really what the Fuck.Total bull shit.I also took screen shots

Chris (profile) says:


Sir I like your comment about knowing if you’re being followed or not by the NSA. My experience is this you can’t help to notice the tenant out windows the people with their hands to their face talking back and forth and the extra police force driving by your house. If you want to know if you’re being followed or not take this advice take a 30-minute tour don’t call anyone just hop in your car and drive fast real quick and then slow down stop at a gas station for 20 minutes move to the next gas station for another 10 and what’s the activity around you you’ll know if you’re being followed or not this comment sir made me laugh cuz you’ll know if you’re being followed by the NSA or the FBI. you can’t help not to notice. As we speak I have a tale of about 40 cars. Have a nice day but my advice is this if you do get followed try to keep your life right and do the right next thing.

benji76 says:

i need to get some sleep….lol stare at somthing long enough and any thing will apear..funny shit thoe my fi wi picked uop 3 different units and they were blacked out yet my hood (northern California) ITS NO SECRET IS PLUGGED this is cali every hood plugged especially weed.cant stop it and it wont stop.stop the dope you will stop the growth of the ever rising empire of the police state they need those seixure assets money cars boats planes nik nacks they dont report (to the victors goes the spoils)and keep out of your house…face it 90 perc3ent of america is bitched up the remaining ten %are over weight slightly (and i mean im putting a 20 on a five if you will)over weight slightly over the hill bourne idenity and the new rambo gave them hope types of mo fos..and out of that ten 5%of those are draft dodging wannabee pussys that can own a gun even more so they own more anoying disrespectfull flags on there trucks frnt yards covering the windows to there singlewides..And. to our migrant ancestors who buit this countryof the sweat of there brows to leave us, there grand children and fought for this country .its a slap in te face .we have no legacytoleave ours im asamed for that ..im a convicted felon were the one percenterts that wilkl fight and die for you not all have code in there blood but some are real patriots and americand we were the political prisoners and sure well chasa a wi fi FBI van from time to time at 12am..why because we just dont give a fuck.it a conundrum were in and it will get worse folsk if we dont get up off our fat asses and have an enemy worth fighting ccorperate,globalist pigs are selling your nymbers turning us into fucking units or unicks .thats the legacy all of you that think its a cool joke or not think its a joke these mutherfuckers are out herefbi,dea,willi wonka get up off your fat asses and check your hood..the constitution is being used for toilet opaper and all of you voting types that sent me to prison dont even know im the guy that keeps the fuvcking child molesters out of our hood,because the police and fbi arnt here to help they are here to make you a fucking slave…our constitution is not for you to hide behind its to protect at all costand itsa responsability.instead most mutherfuckers woud rather pass the buck and let shit like gender equality get talked about in middle school where my nephew said there is openly gay kids in there schools…..they barley are going through the change .and parents are cool with this …i know this is about the fbi thing but please listen its the little shit that is making sure we die earlier.its not cool if your son thinks he isa girl and visa versa..let me rephrase that to each there own.if you dont want to get hassled keep it in your house privately noting wrong with that..one nation under god indivisable….that meansthat under god in america gods law man shall not lie with man.if you dont lie America get the fuck out or stand up and get some …i didnt like the notion of fbi in our hood so we the real muther fuckers of the neighbor hood made every car or van that looked like suspect and that we did not have mental note of get the fuck out because it looks chomo any eway ome back tomorrow when tere is enough if you are or aint dont mattefr our kids can ride there bikes beause we aunt scared.if i gotta do life or get shot for what i believe in for a youngster even you folks that are reading even the ones that dont agreefor the kids to grow correctly,,,,,well then im a dead mutherfucker.peace to all and every race on earth …infact one more thing before i cose out …the fucking secret societys or who ever trying to get all different races to fight especially the blacks and whites..to my beautifull black friends most white peole yeah were different some times and you are right about passing out at our houses when we party lol..most of us are not trying to kill youand to the white people calm the fuck down stop believbing that dumb bitch on the news cuz she git straight ass and titties.we gotta be smarter then thsat THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE ON THIS ROCK THE HUMAN RACE ANY ONE THAT THINKS THEY ARE BETTER THEN ANY OTHER HAS LOST ..through uldture and diversity can you only truley educate your self…its the "cherry" on that proverbial" shit sundae" all of us like to call an education..that fortune your poor mom and dad slaved over so you can go watch two woman make out with an assortment of hard ware off the doors and sinks of the house they(your poor folks) also put the outragous deposit on.that your already getting evicted the first monthe because your best homboy (bless there hearts poor bastard missreable folks)decides to do a cold pill drive and make meth with all proceeds and get us raided after a small explosionhas taken place….So yeah FBI,lazy cheeto eating fat ass AMEICANS THAT THINK THEY CAN FIX IT BY VOTING,racisim,CAT-DOGS(ITS WHAT I CALL PEOPLE THAT WANT OPPOSITE PRIVATES,draft dodgers that think they are gonna bust a grape because ol "Sly gave them hope at fucking seventyTHANKS rambo..when we knoe they couldnt fight there way out of a special school third grade riot,then we covered the lazy piece of shit idiot fucking "ENTITLED ONES ‘THAT THINK THERE RETIRE MENT CHECK COMES ON EITHER THE FIRST OR THE FITHTEENTH never worked a day in there life always on cops what the fuck does COPS sponser OLD MILWAUKEES BEST orKEYSTONE for fucks sakethats why there clothes sre all shitty looking cus those two beers right there will give you the shits.lmaoever notice how they never shut the fuck up and the cops dont want to touch them bach ther flippin coins on whos gonn have lost dentures and "keystone C’reme de shit all over the back seat.Great job AMerica CMON.REEMBER THE DAYS WHEN YOU GOT YOUR ASS BEATAND EVERY ONE RESPECTED EVERYONE BECAUSE YOU DIDNT KNOW WHO WOULD WHIP YOUR ASS >>>>>NOW EVERYONE IS SCARED TO GO TO JAIL FOR STANDING UP ..LOOK AROUND PRIVATE INDUSTRY AND THE POLICE STATE ARE MAKING FUCKING WHARE HOUSE FOR YOU AND ESPECIALY FREE THINKERS LIE MY SELF THAT WILL LOOSE US AND LOCK US AWA…..A PEE FULL MEANS SHOULD ALWAYS BE FIRST BUT THEY ARE GONNA SPRAY US AND BATTON US..OUR CIVIL CERVANTS THEY ARE MAKING A OBIEDIENT ONE UNITR WITHOUT A IDENITY TO OPPRESS US FULED BY THE VIDEO BABY SITTER JR GOT FOR X MAS THAT HE SPENDS A MEAGER 90 HRS A WEEK ON FUCKING JUST WHACKINF PEOPLE AND CAR JACKING LEARNING PHALANX STRATEGY IT WILL BE NOTHING FOR HIM TO DO IT IN REAL LIFE IF WE DONT STOP THIS ……REAL TALK ….UNMANNED DRONES ARE FLOWN IN THE MIDDLE EAST FROM SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA IM NOT DISCLOSING THATlocation im not a fucking trader LIKE VIDEO GAMES WATCH YOU TUBE THEY DO MISSIONS OVER HERe ON sony pLAYSTATION like CONTROLLER PADS . so FBI not far fetched they dont have to ide they got us in CheckWait till the next Generation of game players grow up BRUTAL.Pray forr humanity and for the ones ythat are not well in the head trained by our laziness And ignoranceint<pray for the Shitty welfare people<the CAT DOGS<THE pussys that are stockpiling up just to give there shit away becayse they dont have the back boneANdpraqy for the fucked up police for them not knoewing they are perpetuating ademise that will not give a fuck about there privacy aiter< most of qll pray please for the lied to troops and the parents and familys that suffer because our fucked up poloticins send them out in the name of freedomeand hsve the poor deal wqith the SUCK whilethe stay in there lavsih life styles .and lst but not oeast pray for the meager attempt of the real resistance that will be called convits,the losers of society that were never under stood the one percenter that will tell you FBI ARE IN MY HOOD . and i dont need sleep that was a joke ineed a beer lmao this is tru and if you read tis all all thank you prepaire because were all gonna take a fuckn i believe soon

Snoopy says:

i call bull shit..

Actually they do use public access ports but have a VPN. They are that stupid because they are complacent nut jobs like us (talking about the employees not the agency). I have a hard time believing you get a lot of surveillance done with everyone in the neighborhood looking for your van. Plus the “intelligence” agencies don’t subscribe to the hide in plain sight mentality. It is probably some dumb kid trying to isolate his gaming or file sharing router. The FBI does not need a WiFi connected van as they have access to Direct satellite communications. They also don’t need to drive neighborhood to neighborhood. They have backdoor access digitally and don’t have to leave their desks to get your digital footprint.

bhangad says:

the ultimate

I’m tempted to set up a wireless OpenSource honeypot server with that SSID just for fun. Fake the OS fingerprint. Spoof the IP and MAC. The data collected over a 6 month period would be interesting to say the least. And the answer to the next question is NO. I refuse to share the data with law enforcement. It will be for my own amusement.

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Anthony Dorsey says:

FBI surveillance Van

I live in North Central Idaho and I also encountered the notification FBI Surveillance Van when I got onto my telephone’s connections today. It was on for about two seconds and then disappeared and I couldn’t find it again. No weed in my house, and I have no criminal record what so ever. I really don’t believe that the FBI, if guilty, wouldn’t have ironed that "wrinkle immediately, but I am now more curious than ever as to what it is. Sounds like the statement is popping up all over the country.

Peck Erwood (profile) says:

"..Surveillance Vans With WiFi SSIDs Saying 'FBI_SURVEILLANC

It’s just a lose lose with you fucks i take it.
Either they’re actual nazis which youd say- fuck you
They’re "america"(zog shit show) which youd say- fuck you.
I’m just glad you have so much free time

Btw fucking swear to (insert bs here) – I was just about to hit submit and saw your name…. and wow is my dick hard now. Unless that extra g makes it’s something not completely diabolical which I’d have you say… fuck you.
But I thought I smelled poop so hard as a fucking rock again .
hits you with the OK hand signal

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