Hack Attack In South Korea Gets Access To Data On Over 70% Of Everyone In The Country

from the hacked dept

We’ve talked about some massive data breaches in the past, but a recent hack attack in South Korea apparently resulted in personal information on 35 million people being copied. The country has a population somewhere around 49 million… meaning that over 70% of South Koreans had their personal info copied by someone. Authorities are blaming China, though it’s not clear if that’s really the case. Either way, whoever did the hack got “user IDs, passwords, social security numbers, names, mobile phone numbers and email addresses.” At least the SSNs and passwords were encrypted, so it’s not quite as bad as it could have been. But it basically sounds like if you have internet access in South Korea, someone probably got your data.

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Comments on “Hack Attack In South Korea Gets Access To Data On Over 70% Of Everyone In The Country”

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Anonymous Coward says:

> Hackers purportedly attacked popular Internet and social media sites Nate and Cyworld earlier this week, stealing data such as social security numbers and email addresses

Why the hell would social media site have your SSN?

> alleged the attack originated from computers in China based on their Internet Protocol addresses

Um… How does that indicate the attacker, again? China is the #1 favorite location for bounce boxes (i.e. hacked computers you SSH to and use *them* to do the hacking, so to cover your traces).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

And THAT is the worst part of the shameful bill rammed through today. It’s inevitable that information like this will be acquired by third parties. So put aside for a moment the worries about what government will do with it: imagine what blackmailers, pedophiles, identity thieves will do with it.

And they WILL get it. It has value, therefore someone will be willing to hack it for the right price.

We need data protection laws that stipulate the death penalty for those who fail. That’s the only thing that will convince people to put adequate security in place.

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