YouTube Kills Lady Gaga's YouTube Channel For Copyright Violations

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YouTube has a pretty strict “three strikes” rule on accusations of copyright infringement before you lose your account. But whoever thought that Lady Gaga would lose her account because of it? Apparently she (or her people) uploaded some video of Gaga appearing on a Japanese TV show, and a company called Media Interactive issued a takedown. Media Interactive has quite the reputation (search the YouTube help forums) for issuing somewhat questionable takedown claims. And, it may be true that Gaga violated the copyright of the TV show (and perhaps earlier uploaded works), but it does seem pretty ridiculous. But, alas, this is the state of copyright law today. Of course, between this and 50 Cent’s website being declared dedicated to piracy, it should make people realize that figuring out what is infringing isn’t always so clear cut. Of course, it would be nice if one of these music stars used incidents like these to speak out about the over aggressive nature of copyright enforcement, but that seems unlikely to happen.

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Comments on “YouTube Kills Lady Gaga's YouTube Channel For Copyright Violations”

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out_of_the_blue says:

"And, it may be true that...

…Gaga violated the copyright of the TV show (and perhaps earlier uploaded works), but it does seem pretty ridiculous.”

1) The truth of it seems to be a matter of indifference to you.
2) Live by the sword, die by the sword.
3) You used the correct term probably by accident: “infringing”. Lady Gaga IS a commercial interest that had or intended to make money from that video.
4) Contracts were no doubt signed too.
5) I don’t believe that the state of law or practice is so tough to figure out. — When in doubt, DON’T.

Anonymous Coward says:

Would Nobody Make Art Without Copyrights?

We have enough art and artists in the world. Take away copyrights and see if they all disappear. I doubt that they will. Real artists that produce real art will continue to do so. Why? Because they are artists not business men/ women. Get the fucking business people out of making art, they suck at it and push their bullshit like we would not be entertained without them.

Ron Rezendes (profile) says:

"And, it may be true that...

“She doesn’t own the copyright to the show, freetardo. Duh.”
I never said she did – HOWEVER YOU made the claim she had or intended to make money from that video. I asked for proof of your assumption, chump monkey.

“Nice to see you L00nbats threatening violence. Seems to have become common here and on torrentfreak. What impossible losers you people are.”

You are the one who actually brought the whole death and sword play to the table: “”2) Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Also, I didn’t threaten anyone, I just said it would make me happy, like watching lawyers staked to an anthill covered in syrup.

It’s a crazy little world you live in, tell your Mom I said “hi” when you get to the dinner table!

RD says:



*deep breath*


You fucking rights holders/Big Media wanted ever-more-increasing copyright protections and significant ratcheting-up of enforcement, now you get to reap what you have sown. You have NO ONE to blame but yourselves (and Disney). Eat it, suck it, lie in the bed you made.

Anonymous Coward says:

"And, it may be true that...

Did she intend to make money? Everything Gaga does is with the intention of promoting her brand and thus making money.

Ron, even if we stay is the screwed up alter world of techdirt, consider CwF+RtB. She is attempting to CwF, so they have a RtB. It’s all marketing, it’s all promotion, it’s all to promote her brand to get people to buy more stuff. So everything she does has a commercial aspect.

Damn, it feels good to beat someone over the head with the leg of the techdirt table.

Ron Rezendes (profile) says:

Re: "And, it may be true that...

Apparently we’re right back to my original request of the original quote:

“Lady Gaga IS a commercial interest that had or intended to make money from that video.”

Citation requested.

So, your point isn’t that she’ll make money by directly selling the video itself? That is how I read the above quote, and therefore requested some sort of citation that would suggest any selling of the video.

Now, you have obviously passed TechDirt Algebra 101 with your clear demonstration and understanding of CwF+RtB. You even implemented the “freetard variable” by claiming the video will be used for marketing and promotional purposes. By the way, what happened to the plans to sell the video, from the original quote? You know, the whole origin of my “citation request”?

“Everything Gaga does is with the intention of promoting her brand and thus making money.”
That’s a Grand Canyon size leap you take from promoting her brand to “thus” making money. Your “thus” probably involves quite a bit of rehearsal time, touring dates, practice, a legal team, a marketing team, a record label and who knows what else? Hmmm, so just promoting will cause money to rain from the sky? Excuse me while I quit my job to become a wealthy marketing executive – brb.

OK! My boss wasn’t too happy that I quit in the middle of the project but he seems happy for me personally since I will be financially wealthy shortly!

Damn it feels good to watch someone get dizzy from circular logic! Again, I simply asked for a citation that Lady Gaga intended to make money from that video which is what the original poster clearly stated/presented as a fact.

At this point, it appears she only shared the video and never charged anyone anything for viewing it.

RD says:

A full day

Note that a full day has now passed since the posting of this story, and not a single comment from the “rah rah copyright its the LAW rah rah govt granted monopolies are the BEST!” crowd. What, no pithy comments about “freetards” “deserving” just punishment? No “without copyright the system would fall apart?” Suddenly, its not so great is it? Now when the arrow is pointing the other way and you CANNOT argue against it without directly contradicting your entire pro-copyright argument, its silence and crickets.

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