False Advertising: CRIA Becomes 'Music Canada,' Even Though It's Not

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TorrentFreak points out that the much maligned Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) has apparently decided to change its name to Music Canada. I’m wondering if that’s false advertising. The group represents the big record labels, not music. In fact, many of its policies are anti-musician. Of course, there are others who have pointed out that the “Canadian” bit of their name has been false advertising as well, since the group basically takes orders from the RIAA. So, if you have an organization that isn’t really run by Canadian interests, and who doesn’t represent music — but a small group of middlemen who profit from screwing over musicians — is it really fair to call yourself Music Canada?

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Comments on “False Advertising: CRIA Becomes 'Music Canada,' Even Though It's Not”

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shawnhcorey (profile) says:

Not Surprising

The record labels are trying to pass legislation to get a world-wide monopoly on the music industry. This is just another red herring, to convince politicians that they represent the best interests of musicians and the general public even though they are required by law to maximize their profits. But, of course, only a communist terrorist would think that they put their profits before the interests of others.

ChrisB (profile) says:


> “Let’s lock our employees out, then a week later, legislate
> them back only on what they already had!”

*Canada Post* locked out its employees and the *Canadian government* legislated them back to work. They are not the same thing.

Oh, and they legislated back for _less_ than Canada Post was willing to pay. In my opinion, this was a perfect time to union-bust these lazy corrupt bums. Did you know it is cheaper for me to send something to the US than it is within Canada? Insane.

DV Henkel-Wallace (profile) says:

Name should include "Enforcement"

We should refer to these companies as “Music Enforcement” or “Movie Enforcement” companies. Both highlights the ridiculousness of it as well as indicating clearly that they are shakedown crews of little value to anyone but themselves. But While calling them “Music Shakedown” could sound biased; Music Enforcement is simply normative!

Vincent Clement (profile) says:


The same *Canadian government* that owns *Canada Post*? Pay and benefits have not been legislated. The legislation included the government’s offer and CUPWs offer. It’s up to an arbitrator to choose which offer applies.

Did you realize that US has 10 times the population and that it is easier to spread costs over that larger population? Did you also realize that the USPS is losing lots of money each year? Maybe if they raised their rates they wouldn’t lose money?

Hephaestus (profile) says:


Funny thing. Changes like this often cause huge holes in both business and computer security, they are often exploited by hackers and the like. The amount of changes that are needed often causes inadvertant security holes in computer systems. flaws in contact information, flaws in code, flaws in banking, flaws in email, etc.

So let them change their name as often as they like. It might turn out to be interesting.

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