DailyDirt: X-Men Among Us?

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Every so often, you might hear about some weird genetic mutation that sounds cool. Not telepathy or the ability to bend metal (there is no spoon, after all…), but there are some medical curiosities that are a bit more mundane and practical. Here are just a few examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: X-Men Among Us?”

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Beta (profile) says:

enough for a team, and then some

Don’t forget the tetrachromats (if they exist). And Oliver Sacks writes about Tourette’s patients with preternaturally fast reflexes, and agnosiacs who can always tell when you’re lying. Then there’s the astonishing physical strength that comes with Hansen’s disease, and that genetic disease that thickens your bones until you can make an appearance in Icelandic legends…

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Humans Are Weaklings

Somewhere along the path from our common ancestor with the other apes, our line developed a mutation which weakened our muscles considerably. This is why even chimps, for example (hardly our equal in size) are as strong as 4-10 men?it is not that they are unusually strong, it is we who are unusually weak.

ethorad (profile) says:

supernumerary teeth

Coincidentally, I just had one of my supernumerary teeth removed yesterday.

As x-men mutations go it’s not really up there with mind control or teleportation unfortunately. All it really did was sit on the outside of my normal row of teeth (back by the molars so it wasn’t visible) and trap food. Had to have it removed before it caused problems for the real molars.

I’ve got another one on the other side of my mouth, but it hasn’t come through yet. Will likely have to get that taken out when it does though (or when my dentist needs to make another payment on that nice new car the first operation bought!)

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