Winklevii Trying Again: Suing Facebook Yet Again With A Different Argument

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Yesterday, we had a story about how the Winklevoss twins had finally realized that they had no chance to get a Supreme Court appeal of their own attempt to back out of a “settlement deal” with Facebook that made them at least $160 million richer (probably more by now). Like most people who read that story, we assumed that the Winklevii and partner Divya Narendra, had simply decided to take their millions and sulk. Instead, it looks like they are simply trying again with a different legal strategy.

Yes, a day after admitting that they wouldn’t file a Supreme Court appeal, they instead made a new filing in the district court in Boston, once again attacking the settlement agreement (which they had agreed to), asking the judge to investigate if Facebook “intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence.”

It is true that some instant messages that Zuckerberg wrote while he was supposed to be working with the Winklevii emerged after the settlement had been agreed to. The Winklevii didn’t focus on those in their original attempt to back out of the settlement, instead claiming that Facebook had mislead them about the value of Facebook shares. However, now it appears they’re starting again using the instant messages as evidence, and claiming that Facebook withheld the relevant evidence, and saying that they wouldn’t have settled if they’d seen that evidence.

The thing is, while the evidence does make Mark Zuckerberg look like a jerk, I’m not sure it actually helps the Winklevii’s overall argument. And, frankly, the whole thing remains totally pointless. The Winklevii failed to build a serious competitor, but we’re talking about what was effectively the first few months of both companies (Facebook and ConnectU). Nothing about that means that they should get any credit whatsoever for what Facebook became. The fact that they already got $160+ million out of this is more than enough for their own failure to build a successful company. They should drop this effort, and maybe spend some time — and maybe some of their piles of money — looking into ways to deflate their massive sense of entitlement for something they had nothing to do with.

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Comments on “Winklevii Trying Again: Suing Facebook Yet Again With A Different Argument”

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Anonymous Coward says:

This seems like some very personal shit-slinging at this point. They are hellbent. Doesn’t appear to be for the money or the precedent or the fame, it’s all out being a pain in someone’s ass. It’s revenge that they have chosen to continue because they are drowning in money. There’s a saying “the best revenge is living well”. These lazy buffoons can do that and afford what come off as nuisance lawsuits as well.

out_of_the_blue says:

Do you at all grasp the import of what you write?

Or is it without context?

“…deflate their massive sense of entitlement for something they had nothing to do with.”

That’d cover the 5% percent or so (pick your own portion) of the populace whom I call The Rich, and who sheerly by strange social customs have “entitlement” that allows them to demand work-products from the rest of us, without trading anything except mysterious numbers from a computer somewhere.

I’ll hope that sentence shows the dawn of your enlightenment as to actual economics.

A monkey with Attitude (profile) says:

Re: Do you at all grasp the import of what you write?

and you suggest what? As a company owner I resent your statement… you act like i won a lottery to own a company and owe the people that work for me something other than a fair wage (which in my company means a portion of the profit, but we all feast or starve together). YOU seem to miss I am the first in and last out daily (and missing time with my family), i skip vacations with the family, and provide jobs… I am by no means rich but you make it sound like a slave driver owning slaves… they produce a work-product, i have found a way to tie their products together to form a final product… we sell the final product and everyone gets a pay check.. so take your worker/rich envy and shovel it somewhere else… it smells like the manure the rest of the hacks and ideological idiots in government spew… people like you do not understand work or work ethic or anything else that makes the economy work and provides people with food, homes, clothes, tvs, and all the other things people need to live…

dwg says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Do you at all grasp the import of what you write?

The whole “the world doesn’t owe you a living” line of argument is crap. If it weren’t for certain predatory assholes standing in the way of the majority of humanity, everyone WOULD have a living without having to jump through hoops to get it–they could just get it. The world doesn’t owe anyone power over anyone else is more like it. And just because you’ve bought into the master-slave power structure and maybe done okay with it doesn’t make it divine law or even natural. Typical conservative boot-strapper.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:


It is really discouraging to see this post.
We don’t really know all the facts, we have no idea if ConnectU would have been successful if not short-circuited by Facebook, we don’t really know much of anything in depth, but since one of the antagonists has more money, “he right!”.
Same thing happened with Carnegie. After having more than a hundred innocent people murdered to increase his fortune, he became the “great philanthropist”. Why? The murdered people were poor, he was fabulously wealthy, so “he right!”

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