Mexican Congress Moves Forward With Effort To Refuse To Sign ACTA

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You may recall that we recently noted that a Mexican Senator had drafted a resolution to have Mexico refuse to sign ACTA. We weren’t entirely sure if the effort would get support, but it does appear to be moving forward. SinkDeep alerts us to the news that a measure was approved to move forward with the proposal and it now faces a full vote (I don’t fully understand Mexican lawmaking processes, but it sounds similar to moving a bill out of committee and to a full vote). I would imagine that US diplomats are frantically pressuring Mexican politicians to sign ACTA. How many times do you think that US officials are “warning” about the famed Special 301 list?

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Comments on “Mexican Congress Moves Forward With Effort To Refuse To Sign ACTA”

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sam sin says:

dont know if this refusal will get through or not, but it makes a change for another country not to be ‘bending over and grabbing their ankles’ for the US government. shame there are not more countries making a stand against ACTA and similar proposals that will, basically, only reinforce mainly US entertainment companies. hope that they ignore the Special 301 list ‘warning’ as well, seeing it for what it really is, a complete sham, instigated yet again, by those same industries!

Chargone (profile) says:

given the usual shenanigans, i wouldn’t be surprised to see anything from cleverly labled but quite obvious bribes and threats through outright assassinations to cause this to fail. and forget the 301 thing. far more likely to be ‘stop doing this or we’ll stop buying (whatever is bought from mexico) from you or selling you (whatever important stuff is sold to mexico) to you.’

Steve says:

cynic: sign or we will stop buying your drugs and selling you our guns.

a.c.: sign or we will stop giving you money to fight the ‘war on drugs’

more likely: You know those automatic weapons we did nothing to stop from entering your country and going to the cartels, well we’ve got MORE and we can do even LESS to stop them. Sign the damn treaty… I mean not a treaty.

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