Mexican Senator Drafts Resolution Asking Government To Reject ACTA

from the no-firmar-dicho-acuerdo dept

We’re now a few weeks into “open season” on the final final version of ACTA, so expect to see random stories planted by certain folks about how “important” it is to sign the document and “live up to our international obligations.” Most of the countries involved will likely sign, unfortunately, but it looks like there’s at least some protest in Mexico. SinkDeep points us to the news that a Senator has introduced a bill instructing the government not to sign the agreement (Google translation from the original Spanish). I have no idea if this sort of proposal is likely to get any traction, but it’s at least nice to see some concern from politicians.

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Comments on “Mexican Senator Drafts Resolution Asking Government To Reject ACTA”

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DannyB (profile) says:

Think of the children!

Think of the children of authors who once wrote something, expecting copyright to expire before the heat death of the universe.

How will their children make any money if we don’t create tools to monitor and suppress free communication, criminalize everyone on the planet, and put the burden of enforcement and liability onto other unrelated parties?

Think of the artist’s children’s children’s children!

SINKDEEP (profile) says:

Hey Mike, thanks for bringing attention to this 🙂

Senador Castellon is the only official that has been supporting the civil society opposition. Next week they will held a final round of the Working Group that the Mexican Senate organized to hear all “stakeholders”

You never know what happens, but the mexican government is on fire and woudl be stupid to fire up officially another war…unless they really want the country to explode, i think they will think twice to sign ACTA.

Let see… and yes. we are officially the country with the worst IP laws.

100 years of copyright and solitude yo.

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