Anti-TSA Groping Bill May Come Back To Life In Texas?

from the don't-mess-with-texas? dept

After Texas politicians (new motto: “don’t mess with Texas, unless you threaten to take away our airplanes”) backed down on a proposal to make TSA-style gropings illegal unless the TSA could show the Constitutional basis for them, many pointed out that the bill could not be reintroduced this session. However, according to Kashmir Hill, a loophole and a whole bunch of protesters complaining about politicians backing down may mean that the bill has one more chance this year.

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, who was one of the main reasons why the bill died in the first place, has now asked the Governor, Rick Perry, to call the bill during a 30-day special session that resulted from the state’s budget fight. Hill notes that Perry might not be willing to take on this issue, due to his own presidential aspirations, but Perry has a history of going his own way on certain things, so it could happen. I’m still not sure the bill really has enough support to make it, but it certainly would create an entertaining legal fight…

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Comments on “Anti-TSA Groping Bill May Come Back To Life In Texas?”

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Elizabeth Conley (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I’m with you. As far as I’m concerned, standing up for the U.S. Constitution should be an obvious win for any politician.

Duh! Obama is a P.O.S., because he claims to be a “Constitutional Scholar”, and supposedly taught “Constitutional Law”, yet his administration has done everything in its power to nullify the Constitution.

The majority of Americans seem to have no problem with watching both Republican and Democratic politicians tap dance together on the Constitution.

What a sorry state of affairs.

Elizabeth Conley (profile) says:

Re: Re:

That was CBP. Both the TSA and the CBP now fall under the DHS. That’s where most of the unconstitutional BS we’ve seen in the last decade comes from.

The DHS was instituted via the Unpatriot Act, which was signed into law unread by the traitors who voted for it. Ever since that act of 9/11 inspired hysteria, we’ve suffered creeping fascism from the federal government, all instigated by the spooks and kooks running wild within the DHS.

No legislator seems to have enough spine left to confront the DHS and ask them hard questions, much less reign them in.

hegemon13 says:

Re: Re: Re:

The CIA has been involved in flagrantly unconstitutional activities since before the DHS was even an idea. It is the unlimited power and lack of accountability of these agencies that creates these problems. Trying to point at one particular moment and say “this is when the corruption started” is a pointless exercise that just leads to partisan bickering. Yes, the Patriot Act is heinous, but you have to look back a lot further to find the true extent of the problem. And ultimately, as long as people are willing to elect the guy who makes them feel “safe” instead of the guy who stands up for their liberty, we will continue down the path of corrupt authoritarianism.

Currently, the government has claimed the right to force us to purchase an intangible, commercial product. The current administration has stated that our income belongs to the government, and that it “costs” the government to let us keep it. The courts have ruled that we no longer have the right to defend our homes from those abusing their law enforcement power. The Patriot Act allows agents to write their own warrants in the vein of the writs of assistance issued by the British king, the very practice that sparked the Revolutionary War. Soon, we’ll be “showing our papers” in the form of a national ID card. How much further down this path do we need to go before the public recognizes that we are no longer remotely free?

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