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Millions of people have flown in planes — or even jumped out of them with a parachute just for fun. But not too many people have piloted their own personal aircraft. Sure, people can buy motorized gliders or just tie a bunch of weather balloons to a lawn chair — but the flying car still sounds like a futuristic concept. Here are a few experimental projects for aircraft designed for just one passenger.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: One-Man Flying Machines…”

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mermaldad (profile) says:

Regarding thePuffin Article

Regarding the Puffin article: “It has no flight ceiling?it is not air-breathing like gas engines are, and thus is not limited by thin air?so it could go up to about 9,150 meters before its energy runs low enough to drive it to descend.”

Uh, doesn’t it produce thrust using propellers? I may be mistaken (I’m just an aerospace engineer), but isn’t a propeller limited by thin air?

All in all, an interesting article, but some of the claims are rather hype-filled.

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