DailyDirt: Our Crazy Drone-Filled World

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If you haven’t seen any tiny remote-controlled quadcopters circling in the air, you might need to get out a bit more. Maybe we shouldn’t get too paranoid about these things, thinking they’re black helicopters for the 21st century, but if you hear constant artificial buzzing noises, perhaps you should start gearing up to defend your home. Drones could be delivering your pizza for dinner someday, but there are all kinds of uses for this technology.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Our Crazy Drone-Filled World”

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Aaron Walkhouse (profile) says:

Re: Re: I saw a black helicopter once…

No. It was there to provide legality for the flight.

Unmarked aircraft, of course, cannot fly unaccompanied
but civilian aircraft are forbidden to fly in formation outside designated areas like airshows. This little loophole allows military aircraft to dry their RAM in flight without breaking flight regs.

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