DailyDirt: Foods For Thought

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The popularity of food stories has moved well beyond just the occasional cooking show. There are all sorts of competitive cooking shows, restaurant reality shows, and attempts to create new food revolutions via TV shows and documentaries. Since everyone seems to like to learn about what they’re eating, here are a few more interesting food articles to chew on.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Foods For Thought”

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Chris in Utah (profile) says:

Funniest food of all time. Cumquats. …

…Bulemia. This has got to be the only country where people are digging in the dumpster for a peach pit and other people eat a nice meal and puke it up intentionally. ..

..If you were selling racoons a-holes on a stick Americans would buy them, especially if you dipped them in butter and put a bit of salsa on em. This country is big time, pig time. Forget the bald eagle. you know what the national emblem aught to be? A big bowl of mac and cheese. Big size because everything is big sized, king sized and super jumbo. Especially the f’n people…

The only true national value left. Consumption.

RIP George Carlin.

Personally the obsession with food needs to stop.

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