While TSA Sexually Assaults Miss USA… It's Letting Other Passengers Through Without Clearance

from the feeling-safer? dept

As the TSA is busy sexually assaulting Miss USA, apparently it’s not paying very close attention to everyone else. The TSA has confirmed that in the past five days alone, it has had to shut down security screenings three separate times, at Newark airport, after screeners accidentally let passengers go through without being “fully” screened. These aren’t cases of people sneaking through either. Apparently, it involved people designated for further screening who were then ignored and went about their businesses of heading to their gates and boarding their flights. I wonder if those people were able to get liquid through to the gate area!

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Comments on “While TSA Sexually Assaults Miss USA… It's Letting Other Passengers Through Without Clearance”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Hasn’t it always been known if you were doing to do something devious, you’d just work as a baggage handler (or convince one that’s already hired through some devilish method). For maximum opportunity which do YOU prefer, free access to many airplanes’ cargo or accidently-secure access to one airplane’s passenger area. I know criminals are typically dumb, but relying on that is dumber.

hmm (profile) says:

instant worldwide press attention

What if someday some evil terrorist brainwashes miss boobtastic or whoever and gets them to board a plane with explosive implants eh? eh? is that what you all want….airports blown sky high by a pair of deadly melons……..people being taken hostage at nipple-machine-gun-point eh?

I say we have MORE security theatre…but we go the whole hog and make it true theatre….TSA have to dress in shakespearean outfits and theres an interval for ice-cream half way through a particularly nice fondling…..

I know says:

I must Defend .. I have no choice

US Vet posting… went through got selected for a pat down. Asked the TSA agent if the pat down was going to be violative of the 4th amendment & other state laws. SUPV.! was the call. SUPV comes over. I tell them that I am a vet & must defend the constitution. They say “well asking if we are going to violate the constitution sends off alarm whistles here” I told him “and that comment sends off alarm whistles here. So we are both here, both with duties to perform. You perform yours & I’ll perform mine”. They did not even go above my knees. I guess they are afraid of citizens actually doing the right thing and defending our constitution.

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