Patent Office Wants To Open Up Shop In Silicon Valley… But Doesn't Want The Press To Know

from the why-not? dept

Well, this is odd. Cathy Gellis points us to the news that US Patent and Trademark Office director David Kappos was out in Silicon Valley recently and convened an event that involved inventors, executives, intellectual property lawyers and politicians — all discussing the idea of having the USPTO open a satellite office in Silicon Valley. You know who was missing from the meeting? The press. Apparently journalists were explicitly barred from attending, which reasonably upset some attendees.

?Why would you exclude the press from this?? said Neil Smith, an IP partner at Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley, who attended the event. ?He didn?t say anything untoward or particularly controversial. I didn?t hear anything they would want to keep away from the press.?

It really does seem kind of strange. Why would they be so afraid of the press being there? Personally, I think it would be a very good thing for the USPTO to open up an office here, as they might spend a bit more time with Silicon Valley folks who are intimately familiar with the problems of the patent system.

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Comments on “Patent Office Wants To Open Up Shop In Silicon Valley… But Doesn't Want The Press To Know”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Because opening up to the public is something that a government that wants to serve the public interest would do. Our patent system is not intended to serve the public interest and our government has absolutely no intent on serving the public interest. That’s why they try to keep things like ACTA and TPP secret from the public, because they know that the public doesn’t want these laws (and, no, contrary to popular troll belief, it’s not because the public so desperately wants these laws that the govt doesn’t want to get our hopes up in case the laws don’t pass 🙂 )

Hugh Mann (profile) says:

Maybe 'cause the press is not always helpful?

There may very well be nothing at all nefarious in not inviting the press. Perhaps the PTO wanted to do some info-gathering, and not have to spennd time fielding questions from reporters, as opposed to the peolpe they think will actually be using such a branch office.

And it sounds like the attendees were not in any way prohibited from talking about it.


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