How Does Guinness Figure Out The World's Most Prolific Blogger?

from the does-this-mean-I-have-a-record...-or-a-problem? dept

If you’ve ever read the Guinness Book of World Records, at some point, you’ve got to wonder how they go about verifying some of this stuff. I mean, how do they figure out who has the longest fingernails? I do remember the rather lengthy section of the (absolutely fantastic) book Road Fever, in which the author of the book, Tim Cahill, describes the process he and his driving partner had to go through to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest drive from the southernmost tip of South America to the top of North America. He makes it clear that the Guinness people take these things seriously, though I’d never put much thought into the specifics until recently.

You see, the other day, I saw Karl Bode mention on Twitter that the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records apparently awarded the record for the “most prolific professional blogger,” to a guy named Darren Murph who writes for Engadget. The award was apparently given out sometime last fall, though Bode just noticed it. The “record” was for 17,212 blog posts. Bode checked on his own work for BroadbandReports, and realized he had a few hundred more blog posts. I was pretty sure I’d done a bit more than that, so I checked. Turns out that I’ve written nearly 38,000 blog posts (it’ll be there within a week or two). In other words, it appears I’ve written more than twice the number of blog posts as the supposed world record holder.

My first thought: Neat — I beat the world record! My second thought: Perhaps I blog too much. And, finally, my third thought: just how do the Guinness folks go about fact checking these sorts of awards, anyway? On the whole, though, I’m somewhat amused. Of course, if they missed me, I’ve got to assume they missed a bunch of others as well, including (almost certainly) others who are more prolific than I am. So, can we do some crowdsourcing and see if we can help out the good folks at Guinness and figure out who else might be among the most prolific professional bloggers out there? Because, for something I had never even thought about a few days ago… suddenly, I’m curious.

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Comments on “How Does Guinness Figure Out The World's Most Prolific Blogger?”

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Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: What is a "Blog"?

To the extent Twitter is a microblog, there are obviously people who have racked up 100k+ posts.

Pshah! Like the journalists who look down on bloggers, I look down on twitterers as not sufficient! 😉 Come on, blogging is *real work*, unlike Tweeting.

(Does that level of condescension sound right?)

Mark Gisleson (profile) says:

Guinness is full of it on several counts

I’ve been blogging since 1999, and daily since 2004 but I can’t touch Mike’s 38,000 posts because my average posts are much longer and work out to about a million words a year. Others are still more longwinded.

Guinness also fails to recognize originality. Yes, you have to be creative to make news items speak to larger issues like Mike does, but what about those who create wholly original posts each day? Doesn’t originality count for more than putting a spin on someone else’s news story?

How do you rate photobloggers or videobloggers?

Mark Gisleson (profile) says:

Re: Guinness is full of it on several counts

Just wanted to make it clear that I’m not a quality blogger either, but an aggregator (i.e., totally sponging my content off the sweat on others’ brows).

Mike Masnick is one of the more prolific bloggers I read, but he still can’t touch Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly, or Digby at Hullabaloo, or, frankly, any of several dozen very prolific political bloggers I read, and I’m sure there are some mommy bloggers who put these people to shame.

But the real question here is do you value quality or quantity? Who’s the better author, Isaac Asimov or Thomas Pynchon? Barbara Cartland or Isabel Allende? Zane Grey or Ernest Hemingway?

Mike does a nice job of putting out a lot of quality product. Would acknowledgement from Guinness make him a better blogger? I don’t think so.

The Groove Tiger (profile) says:

Re: Guinness is full of it on several counts

Prolific pretty much just refers to quantity. It’s part of the word definition, I think.

Guinness has never cared about quality. It’s always been the biggest, or longest, or fastest, etc. And in general, world records are always, as far as I know, about measurable quantities, while prize awards may be about the subjective quality (decided by biased judges).

Cynical Answer says:

Maybe they don’t want to give any attention to MM because then that would direct more attention to his generally anti-IP blog and the people at Guinness maybe prop IP?? (though, from what I gather, they really don’t seem to be litigious. Correct me if I’m wrong).

I imagine that other very prolific blogs tend to be Anti-IP as well being that these bloggers maybe less inclined to think that content should be monopolized, when compared to many other informational sources, since bloggers tend to be in a category of people that simply give away more content than other informational sources.

BTW, can I get a world record for being the worlds greatest cynic.

Hephaestus (profile) says:

Much like the tallest man ....

The tallest man, the shortest woman, the longest finger nails are all rscords. The problem is until someone points out the guy next door is 2 inches taller, hasn’t cut his nails in 50 years, and has a with 24 inches tall wife guinness will not know about it or record it.

So give them a call, ask them to send someone out to verify the 38,000 posts and you to can hold a world record for a short while. You can then brag to your grand kids about it.

That is until they point out they did 40,000 blog post befor they were ten …

G Thompson (profile) says:

“My first thought: Neat — I beat the world record! My second thought: Perhaps I blog too much. “

My first thought was your second.

Though I know every one of us LOVES your writings (well some love to hate it) I hope that you do not burn yourself out too much. We are seeing that happen too much lately with well known blogs, PJ at Groklaw, Sebastian at Downloadsquad etc.

Stop and kiss the wife, hug the kids, and enjoy life not worrying about Guinness..

unless your drinking it!

Life that annoying thing between blog posts! 😉

Michael (profile) says:

Mike Masnick

Mike was replaced several years ago by a machine that writes the posts automatically. That is why it seems like he writes around the clock and while he is on vacation.

It is part of the sinister plan of the machines to take over the world. They have killed Mike and replaced him with a robot that continues to try to support free speech, privacy rights, and the US Constitution – and according to the government and the entertainment industry, these are the things destroying our society.

We must all rise up and…ouch! I think my keyboard just shocked me! I better get out o

Stephen says:

Ouch my bum...

Well on the Google search queue you were second to Engadget. Never heard of your site until now. Engadget, pretty popular. Also their site a bit more professional and more well managed. Yours looks like a dad’s unorganized desk. Engadget just pops more. So don’t be so bit on the bum. And accept that your site will coincide second to Engadget when you search “World’s Most Prolific Professional Blogger.”

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