How Have Computers Improved The Lives Of Your Kids?

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We’ve been running a series of experimental discussions lately asking people to weigh in — via an ad unit — on different aspects of computing in their lives. The latest such ad box is running for a few days either on the front page of the site or below this post, asking the question: how have computers improved the life of your child? I actually think this is a pretty interesting question by itself, let alone the possible answers. I still don’t feel particularly old, but when I think back to how different things were when I was a kid, it’s really quite shocking how much computers now pervade everyone’s life compared to not so many years ago. I had a computer growing up — an Atari 800 — which was stashed in the basement. It wasn’t connected to the rest of the world. It didn’t have a hard drive. But it was a computer. But today, my kid is surrounded by computing devices everywhere he looks, and even though he’s young, he’s already fascinated by all kinds of computing devices which will, of course, feel completely “normal” to him. Anyway, you can share your thoughts directly in the ad unit by clicking on one of the “poll” options, and then answering the question in the box. Once again, we’re shutting off comments on this post to keep them directed in that ad unit.

Once again, this experiment is being sponsored by ASUS Windows Slate, in partnership with Microsoft and SAYMedia.

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