DailyDirt: Bio-inspired Robots

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Humanoid robots are pretty cool, but robot designers are also looking at other kinds of animals that would make for useful robotic mechanisms. By mimicking nature, engineers might also learn how to make robots move more efficiently. Here are just some examples where biology inspired specific robotic designs.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Bio-inspired Robots”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I would imagine that non-electronic communications would be highly desired by both the military and police forces. Until they were in widespread use, any messages would not be intercepted.

Nor would pneumatically-transmitted messages be subject to EMP from atomic blasts that would certainly damage traditional forms of communication. Whether the crickets could be hardened against radioactivity is the question.

Last, if these messages could be transmitted over distances, they would not be subject to radio frequency jamming.

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Watch Out For Genetic Algorithms

Genetically-programmed robots can often ?cheat?.

For example, I was reading in New Scientist a few years ago about a robot that was programmed to try to figure out how to fly. That is, it was given wings it could flap, and legs it could stand on, and given the goal of maximizing its altitude.

So what does it do? It stands up on its legs and stretches up to its full height.

Second try: the goal is modified to not involve stretching up to its full height.

This time, it finds a book on the desk nearby, and raises itself by climbing on top of that.

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