DailyDirt: Playing With Technological Fire…

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Sometimes people really leap before looking — and that can be especially dangerous when it comes to technologies that we don’t fully understand. Not too long ago, we created rivers so polluted that they’d actually catch on fire. We seem to be tuning in to the environmental repercussions of the chemical industry, but we might be making analogous mistakes when it comes to nuclear or biological technologies. Too much, too soon — and we’ll be cleaning up the aftermath for generations (if it can be cleaned up). Here are some quick links to some potentially concerning activities.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Playing With Technological Fire…”

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d_mat (profile) says:

Re: Re Playing With FIre...

Yep, and although we keep experiencing that difference from our own actions over and over, we don’t seem to be learning from it. We still want to move as fast as possible in every direction, without the proper amount of time to make sure we can deal with the consequences. Be it selling weapons, using pesticides, or building nuclear plants. I’m not against technology, I just think we should be a hell of a lot more careful about what we do with it.

d_mat (profile) says:


I really don’t think the conversation has to be on natural gas versus coal. If you look at where the technology is today, despite the lack of big investment in the 20th century, I think we have a lot of other options. I am not going to list them here, you can find them anywhere; but for those who say those technologies are not enough and that we need other sources, just look at the case of Germany, where all of a sudden it is no problem to take 5 nuclear power plants off the grid after 2 years of politicians and “experts” insisting it would be impossible. And East Germany now has a problem of too much power flowing into the grid due to wind turbines.

But this topic is a nice contrast to the article. We need to be careful and bring change gradually, but this is an area where we need to speed up a bit, because the rash decisions in energy policy of 20th century are really hurting us now.

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