Yet Another Company Claims Patents Over WiFi, Begins Suing

from the patent-thicket dept

The patent thicket around basic WiFi technology continues to grow. Over the years, we’ve pointed to a wide variety of companies that were claiming to hold patents that were infringed by every implementation of WiFi. In other words, WiFi’s got a huge patent thicket issue to deal with. The latest is that Canadian patent hoarder Mosaid Technologies has claimed that its patents are violated, and has sued bunch of companies, including Dell, RIM and AsusTek. Kinda funny that it seems like every one of the companies suing over WiFi patents doesn’t actually make anything themselves…

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Companies: asustek, dell, mosaid, rim

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Comments on “Yet Another Company Claims Patents Over WiFi, Begins Suing”

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Anonymous Coward says:

IBM holds several patents that describe the internet at large. If RJR shows up he’d say something nonsensical about how these patents don’t mater, then he’d start playing the star spangled banner while naming Edison, the Write bros., Dean Kamen… yada yada.. people that have nothing to do with the real problems facing our crumbling patent system.

Anonymous Coward says:

I wonder how that would effect patents and manufacturing, if only those that made items with the patent owned were eligible for patent relief? At the least it would slow the patent lawsuit with the shopping of venues to bring the case to court. At this point I can not help but think such a requirement would be a good thing.

Heaven help us if this sort of common sense was spread to copyrights.

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