Another Ridiculous WiFi Patent -- This Time From Acacia

from the wonderful dept

Remember Acacia? The company that doesn't actually do anything other than buy up patents and try to hold companies hostage for actually innovating? They're the same company that started out by suing porn websites to build a war chest, and more recently have started suing any company offering TV or satellite service for offering "video on demand." It's also the company that is at the very top of the EFF's list of patents that should be invalidated. Well, now they're going after WiFi. Wi-Fi Networking News reports that they've been sending big packages to hotspot operators who use "redirects" to bring you to a login page at the hotspot. If that sounds familiar, that's because another company made similar claims earlier this year. While there are a ton of questions concerning how valid this patent really is, for now, just add this in as the latest in a recent series of stories about all of the patent problems sneaking into WiFi with companies like Wi-LAN and Symbol threatening to make WiFi a lot more expensive. This doesn't seem like the best way to encourage innovation. It seems like the best way to make a small group of lawyers more wealthy.

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