Facebook As Thin-Skinned And Short-Sighted As Apple When It Comes To Zuckerberg Action Figure

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A few months back, we wrote about Apple’s heavy-handed approach in stopping a Chinese firm by the name of MIC Gadget from selling a Steve Jobs action figure. We discussed why it didn’t make much sense, but that’s never stopped Apple. And, now, it appears that Facebook is being rather Apple-like, in response to the same firm coming up with a Mark Zuckerberg look-a-like action figure. The firm apparently tried to appease the social networking giant by not name checking Zuckerberg, but instead calling the figure the “Poking Inventor.” Facebook’s lawyers decided to poke back in their own way. Again, I don’t see how this move really makes that much sense, but these days people seem to get a bit overprotective. In the meantime, if anyone feels like selling an action figure of me, go for it.

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Comments on “Facebook As Thin-Skinned And Short-Sighted As Apple When It Comes To Zuckerberg Action Figure”

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thublihnk (profile) says:

Mike Masnick Action Figure

I’m so getting my cousin a Mike Masnick action figure for Christmas.

“MIKE MASNICK ACTION HERO TOY! With realistic sound effects–‘Piracy can be combated by putting forth smart business practices, not through litigation!’ And with realistic, hunched over, writing action! Comes with laptop and smartphone accessories! BUY YOURS TODAY.”

jenningsthecat (profile) says:

Zuckerberg should have negotiated royalties

If he did that, then

A) He’d make a little extra money
B) He might become even more famous
C) He wouldn’t look so much like a humorless, clueless, prima donna jerk
D) We wouldn’t be having this discussion!

I wonder if Mr. Zuckerberg has ever shown the maturity and self-confidence required to laugh at oneself. Somehow I doubt it.

Capitalist Lion Tamer (profile) says:

I'm holding out for a Troll doll

They’ll be like Cabbage Patch Kids, as individual as a snowflake but somehow each more identical than the last.

Of course, the shock of pink hair is a given, as is the adorable “mouth breathing action.” Repeats up to 12 equally adorable catchphrases, which soon become tiresome as their is no “OFF” switch. Another downside is the patent pending (but already actionable!) “perpetual motion” charging system which ensures the batteries never wind down, no matter how energy is expended.

Also available: Law Student Troll. Nearly identical to the other Troll dolls, but sports a $79 Montgomery Ward’s suit and has 15 enjoyable catchphrases, including:

– + many more LOLs!

All Troll dolls also feature:

– State of the art “circular logic” boards for the finest in one-way interaction!
– Eerily lifelike sense of entitlement!
– Astroturfed display stand!
– A Furbie-esque ability to speak to other Troll dolls in a language only they can understand!
– Fully articulated handwringing action!

Features still under development:
– Irony detector
– A unique identity
– A business plan that does NOT include: lawyers, legislation or butchered theft metaphors.
– An “OFF” switch

No need to fight the long lines at the stores! Simply utter any combination of “P2P,” “File sharing,” “Free,” “Torrent” or “IP” to get your own set of Troll dolls!

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