That Was Fast: News Corp's Just Launched iPad-Only Publication Losing Journalists

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We had warned from early on that News Corp’s “iPad-only” fee-based publication, The Daily, was a disaster in the making. After a ton of hype, and launching a few weeks ago to a ton of overwrought praise, all we’ve been hearing is that people aren’t buying. A bunch of folks checked it out early, and then it more or less disappeared off the map. And now, it appears that staffers are bailing at a rapid rate. Of course, in the run up to launch, there was all this talk about how Murdoch was hiring a ton of big name journalists and staffers away from other publications. To see a bunch of them rushing out the door, barely weeks after the launch, suggests this may be a failure of epic proportions.

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Comments on “That Was Fast: News Corp's Just Launched iPad-Only Publication Losing Journalists”

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General Emergency (profile) says:

Sadly, I am responsible for the failure of the The Daily...

Rupert was bound to to find out sooner or later so I might as well come clean here on TechDirt.

I recently wrote a new program that creates “Droves” very efficiently and I have been flooding the internet with them.

Unfortunately, these Droves are the kind that “stay away”.

Sorry Mr. Murdoch.

I shall expect a call from your lawyers shortly.

d_mat (profile) says:

The Competition?

Well, after seeing the other options for magazines on the iPad I am just not that surprised. Look at the Genieo and feedly apps: good looks with none of the lock-in (I have no vested interest, found them while planning what to do with my iPad 2 when I get it ;).

Not that they will take the world by storm, but that doesn’t seem to be the direction all this is going anyway. Its not about one product, not even about one method. Its about choice, and The Daily leaves you with one source of news and one method in one app… and you pay more! then again, The Daily might be one of those options that you get to choose from… I just don’t see it being the savior it was publicized as.

No, I’m not saying it has to be free. Yes, of course journalists need to make a living. But it has to happen in today’s world with today’s technology and today’s expectations. Putting a newspaper into the iPad does not change the newspaper or fix the problem they have.

Be it advertising or CwF+RtB (I’m thinking free headlines with photos and videos to complement/link to youtube, twitter, facebook etc, and in-depth analysis paid per article or subscription options… but I’m no expert) the need for change is here, and those who don’t take a risk or leap of faith and try something new will be left behind.

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