DailyDirt: Teach Your Children Well

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Teachers don’t have an easy job, but at least they get the summers off (in the US). Technology might be able to help improve things by increasing the amount of teacher-to-student attention time, but investments in classroom technology are also competing for pretty limited resources. It’s a tough problem to solve, and here are a few interesting links about education and the American school system.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Teach Your Children Well”

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javabean says:

William Gates

of course Will won’t comment on how schools could save/shave Millions of dollars off of their budgets. Schools are after-all the last of the BIG Microsoft purchasers. Yes Yes YES i know M$ hasn’t gone out of business(yet) but it seems most of the big buyers are leaving M$ in droves do to security/costs/(and My favorite) having to retrain ALL of their employees/users because M$ decided to hide icons/menus.

long live free software to save budgets/sanity!!!!

RIchZ (profile) says:

Yeah, they get summers off _without pay_. And, on 9 months of pay for the year, they’re expected to pay for summer school to gain education credits and to keep current in their chosen subjects.

Many of them are paid too little to support their families and still pay for summer school, so they end up not getting their skills upgraded, which means they don’t qualify for pay raises, and they have to take summer jobs to support their families for the three “vacation” months.

Too many people think they get a 3-month paid vacation, but it doesn’t work like that.

Jose_X (profile) says:

EUREKA, my money is out

When Gates has transferred the last remaining bits of his monopoly-enabled wealth away from MSFT, he might hit upon his overdue EUREKA! solution that people petition Microsoft to free up their source code (as has been done with Linux and a bunch of software, like android, firefox, …) so that those schools starved for funds will still be able to educate their students using computers by easily downloading the software for free today. They can pay for services and other value-add later on when their budget position improves.

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