European Commission Chickens Out: Allows Hungarian Media Censorship

from the no-moral-backbone dept

There was plenty of concern earlier this year, as Hungary took over the EU Presidency just at the same time it had passed a worrying new internet censorship law that lets the government fine any content provider that it judges to not be sufficiently “balanced.” The European Commission apparently had planned to criticize the law… but somehow chickened out at the last minute. Glyn Moody points us to a (slightly confusing) account of what happened, where minutes before a vote was to be taken, some sort of “deal” was struck that appears to let Hungary continue to censor the media. Among the “concessions,” it appears that the “balanced” part won’t apply to internet-only media, but will still apply to other media. Online publications, though, still have to register with the government, and can face fines or get “dropped” from the register — barring them from continuing to publish — if they violate certain rules. As the report notes, this still seems like it goes against the basic concepts of freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

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Comments on “European Commission Chickens Out: Allows Hungarian Media Censorship”

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RikuoAmero (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Guess you didn’t read the full article. According to this crazy law, you have to register with the Hungarian government to publish. Criticising the government in a news report would have to be “balanced” with something that praises the government.
Also, think of it this way. This balancing mentality…imagine writing a news article say about a Nazi who’s been captured after evading the authorities for decades. This law would have you balance the article, so on the same page, you would report about a Nazi wanted for the crimes of potentially thousands, and also praise him for something good he’s done.

Anonymous Coward says:

Another Brick in the Wall

Governments all over the world seem to be moving to eliminate freedom. The ONLY ones moving the other way seem to be the ones that are facing revolt. It’s a shame that they’re all that way but a reminder to people that if you want freedom, you’re going to HAVE to revolt every once in a while. No wonder governments are scared to death of the internet.

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