Fake Sony PS3 VP Tricked Into Tweeting PS3 Security Key

from the eradication-plans-foiled dept

As Sony continues its quixotically backwards attempt to delete the PS3 jailbreak code from the world, it appears that they might want to start by informing their own ad firm not to tweet the code. As a whole bunch of you sent in, apparently a guy named Travis La Marr tweeted the PS3 security key at the Twitter account of “Kevin Butler,” who describes himself as a VP at PlayStation. Of course, if you’ve seen any PS3 commercials, you would know that “Kevin Butler” is actually a made up person — a character played by actor Jerry Lambert.

However, the Kevin Butler account, retweeted the code, trying to make a joke out of it — clearly not realizing this is the code that Sony is trying to eradicate from all of the internet, as well as people’s brains:

The tweet has since been taken down and I imagine the folks at ad firm Deutsch/LA are scrambling to do some relationship repairing with Sony… Still, this really does highlight the ridiculousness of Sony’s campaign to pretend such things don’t exist. The more they try to deny it, the more people learn about it.

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Comments on “Fake Sony PS3 VP Tricked Into Tweeting PS3 Security Key”

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Eugene (profile) says:

Re: Re:

It’s a retarded tightrope walk of doom. Think about it: the ad firm that created Kevin Butler, in effect created an edgy sort of loose-cannon character who identifies with the same kind of kids who are likely to jailbreak a PSP. The second the persona loses the ability to act like a loose cannon, its credibility is lost and the campaign becomes tired and ineffective. But if the character does anything Sony doesn’t like, the whole campaign falls into jeopardy.

CommonSense (profile) says:

“Still, this really does highlight the ridiculousness of Sony’s campaign to pretend such things don’t exist. The more they try to deny it, the more people learn about it. “

Wow, that last sentence could be applied to so many things and still hold just as much truth. Like prostitution and drug use, in case that’s not clear to any Attorney’s General that may see this comment.

abc gum says:

Re: Re:

“More than anything, this shows that children will be children, and when they don’t get their way they will do whatever they can to get revenge.
Shameful, really.”

Yes, I agree you that Sony is being very childish here. When Sony does not get their way, they do really immature and silly things to get revenge – Shame on you Sony!

Anonymous Coward says:

I figure we all agree that sony is making a mistake here, but theyre making a big mistake by trying to suppress the number. It almost made sense for them in a perverse way to try to hassle the hackers and takedown websites and videos discussing the topic. But now sony has elected to try to suppress just the number, and the public can understand how that is foolish. When it was a complex topic about hacking and piracy, the public would be more sympathetic.

Anonymous Coward says:

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