EFF, ACLU Fighting Gov't Attempt To Troll Twitter Accounts For Wikileaks Info

from the fed-trolling dept

At the beginning of January, thanks to Twitter pushing back against a gag order and request from the feds to hand over info of people connected to Wikileaks, it came out publicly that the government was seeking such info. Of course, the government almost certainly sent similar requests to a bunch of other companies that simply rolled over. However, thanks to Twitter’s willingness to stand up to the government, it’s allowed the folks whose info was sought to fight back, though the initial steps in that fighting back were apparently gagged as well.

Thankfully, part of the gag has been lifted, and we now know that the EFF and the ACLU are challenging the info request and are seeking to have more documents in the case unsealed as well, including the Justice Department’s original application for the order — which should explain the reason for requesting the info. Who knows if the court will grant this, but once again, none of this would even be open for discussion if Twitter had just rolled over and handed the feds the info they demanded.

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Comments on “EFF, ACLU Fighting Gov't Attempt To Troll Twitter Accounts For Wikileaks Info”

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Shon Gale (profile) says:

Gotta keep HS informed with lots of useless info so they profile you. Now they want to know on your banking data how much rent or mortgage do you pay. Even though it has nothing to do with my bank account. Those are new rules in January. Now they can profile the poor easily because they just do a search at all banks on how much you pay for your housing and then target the poor people.
You must be doing something wrong because you don’t pay much for lodging.
When I refused to tell the bank how much I paid they told me HS demands and you can’t put in a change of address without it. HS sucks. You hear that Napolitano? You suck!

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