DailyDirt: Playing With Biological Fire?

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There was a time when, if something was viral, it was almost certainly a bad thing. (Now, being viral could mean you’re going to be the next Justin Bieber.) With current biotech research, the end of common diseases could be at hand or we could be launching ourselves into the next era of viciously untreatable illnesses that we’ve had a hand in creating. Hopefully, we’re not going to be living out a bad sci-fi movie plot anytime soon. Here are just a few potential precursors to the apocalypse, though.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Playing With Biological Fire?”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

To Those Who Demur About ?Playing God? ...

The term ?playing God? is often brought up by those scared of every new scientific development. It?s worth noting that when anaesthetic was invented, there were those who saw it as contrary to God?s wishes, since it said in the Christian Bible that women were supposed to suffer in childbirth.

(Interesting to compare the reaction to labour-saving machines that obviated the need for men to work ?by the sweat of their brow?, as per that same Christian Bible passage. Those didn?t seem to raise anywhere near the same religious fuss…)

Christopher (profile) says:

I never understood why we had to make diseases that were even worse than the ones we already had. There just is no SANE reason for it, because these things are going to be stolen and used by terrorists sooner or later.

Just focus on finding cures for the diseases that we already have, and LOCK UP those who try to make even worse diseases.

To the first poster… no such thing as ‘god’. Yes, there might have been very powerful people in the past, but that doesn’t make them ‘gods’ anymore than us having nuclear weapons would make us ‘gods’ to people living 2000 years ago.

Jimr (profile) says:

Flaming Mo!

We are not “playing god” but just doing God’s will. After all if God did not want us doing it then a sign would appear or some divine action would occur to stop us…. maybe the Muslim extremists are working under the divine guidance of the one true God.

Just like those nay says that claim if God wanted us to fly we would have been given wings. Well we where given wings through out minds and the power of invention. Like our three eyed fish friend, blinky, how do we know it was all not part of some divine plan.

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