Yellow Pages Companies Team Up To Offer Opt-Out

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It’s pretty much a national joke these days that every few months, yet another totally useless giant phone book gets dumped on your front doorstep. We don’t even let them get into our house before they’re tossed in the appropriate receptacle, and if you walk into some apartment buildings, you’ve probably seen lobbies littered with stacks of ignored phone books. There have been some (slightly controversial) legal fights over attempts to get the various phone companies to stop delivering these giant wastes of paper. Clearly sensing the writing on the wall, and trying to avoid more strict legislation, apparently a bunch of Yellow Pages companies have teamed up to let people opt-out of receiving the useless book. Whether or not the site, actually works may be another question. And some may worry about having to provide information to the very companies whose entire goal is to market to people. But, it’s at least a project worth watching to see if it can be effective in stopping such a massive waste.

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Comments on “Yellow Pages Companies Team Up To Offer Opt-Out”

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Ed Kohler (profile) says:

Distribution fail

I’ve been following this issue closely over the last few years, and have made a solid effort to remove myself from the three directory companies that print spam my home annually (with a total of 5 books combined). So far, I’ve continued to receive books I have unsubscribed from.

The system breaks down at many levels, starting with the opt-out requirement rather than an opt-in system. Contract delivery services don’t appear to be held accountable for over delivery (spam).

Frankly, they just don’t seem to care about the people who have to clean up their mess, and pay for disposal via local taxes. It’s a disgustingly tone deaf industry.

Nick Dynice (profile) says:

I bet you it would cost them more (since it will take longer) for the deliverers to figure out who has opted out when they go to make their deliveries. They would need to carry a list and read form it. I don’t see what their motivations would be. They have dumb money coming in from ad customers that encourage this behavior. They will probably just stop all together at one point and maybe even just sell books. Check out the photo of the mountain of phone books in this post:

Pete Austin says:

There's a Business Opportunity Here

Please can someone develop a Website that opts out of all major spam. You enter your details once and it connects to all the individual Websites and opts out of everything, including new marketers as they arise.

There could be a free, ad-funded version that opts out for a month at a time, or a version with a small subscription that opts-out forever.

Simon Flummox (profile) says:

Better this time around

Past opt-out attempts failed miserably, but I signed up through this year and it seems to have worked. One of the publishers called to say that their directory had been sent out to customers the previous week, and to let them know if we incorrectly received a copy. They did go on to say that I could request a copy if I wanted one, and touted their online directory and mobile app, but it was kinda nice to get that call.

Anonymous Coward says:

I recall when I was a kid we used to relish the days when the NEW Yellow and White pages arrived. We could see from the thickness that our city was growing. Thumbing through the Yellow pages was fun just to see new additions. Wow, times do change.

BTW – Don’t like 20 percent of homes OPT OUT of Internet? They might like and appreciate the books. Just sayin’ 🙂

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