Unexpected New Years SMS From Mobile Operator May Have Killed Would Be Suicide Bomber

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This is just classic. We’ve heard plenty of stories about bombs that are designed to go off when an SMS text message is received… and we know all too well about annoying and unwanted text messages from your mobile operator. But how about combining the two. Apparently, a planned suicide bombing in Russia was “averted” when the bomb went off early due to an unexpected “happy new years” SMS from the carrier, blowing up the bomb and the would-be suicide bomber at a safe house, far away from Red Square (or anything else) that was the intended target. As Wired notes:

If true, the SMS might be the only time that a wireless carrier?s SMS message has ever been useful.

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Comments on “Unexpected New Years SMS From Mobile Operator May Have Killed Would Be Suicide Bomber”

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Darryl says:

Yea right, like that really happened !!

sorry, but WHO would be SPUPID enough to have a mobile phone wired to a bomb and will go off if you receive a SMS message.


BTW: suicide bombers do not need remote triggers, they just push a button.

What is he intending to SMS himself ?

Something smells here, and I think its the truth !!!

AR (profile) says:

Not rocket scientists

Keep in mind these arent the brightest bulbs in the box. When they get a working model its not like their gong to go back and tell someone it worked properly. Just keep sending SMS messages eventually they might get the hint. Kind of like when they throw grenades, you just pull the pin and throw it back and you surely dont tell their friends about it.

fogbugzd (profile) says:

Re: A smarter way to use SMS

>>Only detonate when a properly formed SMS is sent… ie a passcode trigger sent via SMS…

Their method is usually much cruder than this. What they used to do was just open the phone and wire across the speaker terminals. When the phone rings, the bomb goes off. I am guessing they are not much more sophisticated than that now. They are probably using cheap phones that can be purchased anywhere; they are not likely to be using an iPhone or other sophisticated smart phone.

Jaqenn says:

When I got my first cellphone (I was a late adopter, because I was cheap), I was pretty happy with it.

I then went with a friend to try flying two-string kites, which are lots of fun and extremely hard to keep from crashing into the ground when you don’t know what you’re doing. Keeping it airborne requires careful use of both hands.

So I’m struggling to not wreck my friends kite when my phone starts ringing, and I do this elaborate contortion to try to de-pocket my phone and see what’s up with it while keeping the kite in check, and it was…

…an SMS spam.

Darryl says:

I dont buy it

if they just wire across the speaker, then why bother having the phone even connected to a provider ?

You could

1) Set the alarm clock to go off at a certain time.

2) press a button on the phone to make it go “beep”.

3) throw away the phone, and press and 20cent push button.

4) install a “safety” switch in series with the speaker line, until that switch is closed the bomb is safe.

Do you really believe that someone who is capable of making a bomb would be that stuped to leave it “ARMED” all the time, with NO safety system.

What, he had the bulk explosives, there, he had the detinator installed into it, he had the Det wired up to the phone, AND the battery, he had the phone ON, and connected to a service provider ???

And you believe this crap ????????????

REALLY !!!!!

More than likely what happened was the explosives became unstable all by themselves, or they made an error during MANUFACTURE, but I just CANNOT see that it would have been caused by a rouge SMS message…

It’s just untrue, plainly..

Proffer (profile) says:

i dont think so

how exactly would they know it went off due to a sms message?
if it’s attached to a bomb, it’s going to be destroyed.

if they just found fragments of a phone among the damage.. I mean, come on.. everyone has a cellphone these days. He could have simply put it on top of the bomb and somehow triggered the actual detonator. Or he was talking on the phone when it went off..

I think this is entirely pure speculation.

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