Winner Of $10k From Apple Hung Up, Assuming It Was A Prank Call Or A Sales Call

from the well-trained dept

If someone calls you up, claiming to be from Apple and telling you that you’ve won $10,000 for downloading the 10 billionth app in the iTunes App Store, you’d probably think it was a scam too. That’s certainly what Gail Davis in the UK thought when it happened to her — except that it actually turned out to be real. All I can say is kudos to Ms. Davis for recognizing just how unlikely the story was… and for then taking the second call and realizing it was actually true.

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Comments on “Winner Of $10k From Apple Hung Up, Assuming It Was A Prank Call Or A Sales Call”

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Steve R. (profile) says:

The Sad State of Marketing

I would never have answered. We unfortunately live in a society were intrusive misleading marketing is considered a constitutionally protected right. Besides the lack of self-restraint, those selling products don’t seem to think that fraudulent behavior is wrong. They have lost their moral compass. Those selling should begin to exhibit some self restraint and honesty.

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

I probably would have hung up on Apple a second time. But I didn’t give them my current E-Mail and real phone number so I wouldn’t have gotten a call anyways.

The comments in the cultofmac article were funny. We have people treating her like a celebrity, we have people trying to get her to sell it on e-Bay, and we have bitter people complaining because it didn’t go to a family with 3 MACs and 4 iPods. Apple fans are a funny bunch.

Chuck Norris' Enemy (deceased) (profile) says:


I would be a little more open if a formal letter was sent, perhaps through UPS or FedEx. Sorry to be a luddite here but phone calls and emails just scream scam. Unless it is from somebody you know, you have to think twice. At least with the letter you could have googled the number they wanted you to call and check out if it is legit or shown up on the 800-notes sites.

Tom Pritchard (profile) says:

(Gift card)

Hold up! It wasn’t actually $10,000 cash. It was a gift card. So a free pass to the itunes and app store for life pretty much.
And then at the end, she said ?We?re thinking of upgrading our nanos so we can join the party?. (as in get apps).

So ironically, it is likely to cost them money! I guess they can spend it to get 10,000 compressed, 256kbps songs in an annoying file format.

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