Cracked Lists Streisand Effect Sufferers, Curiously Leaves Out Streisand

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Last year, Mike praised (and raised a couple of small quibbles with) the hilarious explanation of scarcity by editor David Wong. Now Cracked is tackling digital issues once again with a list of their favourite examples of the Streisand Effect. Many of the examples will be familiar to the Techdirt community, but Cracked’s skewed approach is amusing nonetheless. Take the thoughts on Cook’s Source editor Judith Griggs’ infamous response and “apology” to the writer whose recipe she used without permission, in which she only-half-jokingly suggested the writer should pay her for the editing work she did:

Wow. At this point we can’t tell if Griggs is insane, or thought she was auditioning for the part of an 80s movie villain. It was like she stole someone’s car and then sent them a bill for the gas she put in it on her way to Mexico.

That’s so amazing that we’d actually read a magazine based entirely around Griggs trying to apologize to people.

It’s not Cracked’s funniest article, but it has its moments, although I’m a little surprised they didn’t include the original Barbara Streisand story that led Mike to coin the term. A few of the choices seem odd, especially when things like the skinny model affair and the egged German houses were left out—both of which seem like better comedy fodder to me. But what do I know? In any case, it’s a fun read.

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Comments on “Cracked Lists Streisand Effect Sufferers, Curiously Leaves Out Streisand”

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The Vandals (profile) says:

We think we have #1 Streisand Effect disaster

The Daily Variety multiplies “harm” by 100,000.
The Daily Variety, a Hollywood Trade Publication, objected to punk band The Vandals doing a parody of their font in 2004. The band was forced into a settlement, but 6 years later the Daily Variety, and their parent company Reed Elsevier (Dutch) have filed a lawsuit against the Vandals again claiming they saw images of the now discontinued version of the album “Hollywood Potato Chip” on the internet in places like myspace and youtube.
The Fallout:
If you google “The Daily Variety” today you get a page of entries about their frivolous attempt to abuse the legal system to bleed $75,000 out of a punk band that never should have settled with Variety in the first place. The band is representing themselves in Federal Court and is on their way to overturning the original forced settlement. Worst of all for Variety and Reed Elsevier, by filing this case in public, they have nullified the confidentiality part of their settlement with the Vandals so the internet is now full of information on their bully tactics to stifle protected artistic speech. If you Google their competitor, The Hollywood Reporter, you get a page of entries about Hollywood journalism. Variety can only dream of this kind of reputation. So after 101 years in business (and trying to be sold), this is how the Daily Variety defines themselves on the internet. see for more info.

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