So Who Else Did The Government Demand Info From In The Wikileaks Investigation?

from the and-why-didn't-they-fight-it? dept

We’ve already pointed out that Twitter deserves serious praise for standing up to the government’s gag order on an information request for some folks associated with Wikileaks. Others noticed the same thing. As Ryan Singel at Wired noted, Twitter beta tested a spine, and that sort of response should be standard. Singel (and some of our own commenters) also pointed out that Twitter was following in the footsteps of Nicholas Merrill, the head of Calyx Internet Access. Merrill, famously, fought a gag order on a National Security Letter he received from the FBI.

Still, as we pointed out in our original post on this, it should make you wonder who else got these gagged data requests from the feds and just rolled over and handed over the info. It appears that others are wondering this as well. There’s quite a bit of speculation that both Facebook and Google likely received similar court orders (with similar gags included), and of course neither company will comment. Hopefully, in the future, they’ll recognize from Twitter’s lead that it’s not just possible to stand up to these requests, but it’s also a damn good idea.

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Comments on “So Who Else Did The Government Demand Info From In The Wikileaks Investigation?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: We'll have to wait for the next leak to find out.

This week Assange is threatening Rupert Murdoch, I gather that News Inc has a story in the making that isn’t very good for Julian. His response is that he has documents on Rupe, and will releases them if he does.

Anyone else starting to get a whiff of desperation from Assange-land?

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