DailyDirt: Materials That Make You Go Hmmm

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We’ve come a long way from the Bronze Age, folks. Nanotubes and metal foams may soon become commonplace materials. Petroleum-based plastics are sooo boring now. Okay, not really, it could make a comeback just like Gorilla Glass. Materials never really go out of style, and here are a few links to prove it.

  • Carbon nanotubes can form a rubbery material that stays rubbery over a really broad temperature range. It’s not flubber, but it’s still pretty cool. [url]
  • CementConcrete is a ubiquitous building material — imagine if it also sequestered CO2. This isn’t exactly a new idea, but it would be cool if it could actually scale. [url]
  • Titanium foam for replacing your bones doesn’t sound as cool as Adamantium. Maybe titanium teeth will be the next trend for rappers, though. [url]
  • Don’t mess with Pyrex! Soda lime glass just doesn’t cut it like borosilicate. [url]
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    Comments on “DailyDirt: Materials That Make You Go Hmmm”

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    Darryl says:

    Cement is a component and the building material called concrete

    Why do people constantly make such a basic and stupid error..

    Cement is a very fine, dry powder, cement itself could not be used as a building material, unless you tried to make a sand castle out of it.. (not that it would even work for that)..

    NO,, you get cement, you mix it with water, sand, aggrigate, and some other things, PLUS cement..

    and you mix it up and you end up with CONCRETE, not cement..

    and concrete that absorbes CO2 has been around for about 20 years now.. I know it can take a little while for you to catch up..

    but please, try to keep up..

    The Mighty Buzzard (profile) says:

    Re: Cement is a component and the building material called concrete

    Cement is still cement if water is added and it dries and hardens. It’s only when sand, rock, etc… are added that it becomes concrete. Granted, that is usually the case. But not always.

    I blame the popular misnomer on cement trucks that primarily deliver concrete. The words say one thing, the facts say another. Much like “buying” software or an ebook.

    Darryl says:

    Re: Re: Cement is a component and the building material called concrete

    I thought it was because of the Bevelly Hill Billies, and Jeffro’s “cement pond” ๐Ÿ™‚

    That bank manager, or Jane Hathaway should have told him it was a concrete pond, or gangsters, with their “technically incorrect” “cement shoes” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cement trucks
    Cement mixers,

    its easy to see why its said,

    Anonymous Coward says:

    Artists Submit Petition for Copyright Compensations

    Off topic but if anyone is interested…

    Here in Finland there’s a levy on blank media (CDs, DVDs) and now the “artists” are complaining such levy is not placed on USB sticks, mobile phones, etc, and they want compensation.

    Artists Submit Petition for Copyright Compensations

    Miles (profile) says:

    Wife: 0. Me: 1. FINALLY!

    A few months ago, my wife cracked her Pyrex baking dish and this meant a replacement was mandatory.

    We found a new one and as I was placing it in the cart, I said, “Dear, this feels different. Are you sure it’s Pyrex?” She went on and on about the name, good quality, blah blah blah.

    I’ve already sent her the URL.

    The “I WIN ONE! FINALLY!” celebration is today. Everyone’s welcome to attend… except the wife, who will know nothing of this celebration. Right? Right.

    Borosilicate Joe says:

    Pyrex rumors

    Shame on Techdirt for not properly vetting the Pyrex story. A quick Google search would have shown that the original news story was a regurgitation of an internet rumor that has been going around for *years*.

    Some relevant links:

    From Pyrex:

    Fact-checking… it’s not just for old-school reporters anymore.

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