DailyDirt: Reducing Carbon Dioxide

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We’ve discussed carbon dioxide before, and there are plenty of other places that talk about the doom and gloom of what happens when CO2 levels increase in the atmosphere. But there are also a bunch of people figuring out ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and monitor what effects anthropogenic carbon dioxide actually has on our planet. Check out a few of these projects that could help keep carbon dioxide emissions in check.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Reducing Carbon Dioxide”

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orbitalinsertion (profile) says:

Re: Re:

There is already waste from burning hydrogen. Removing all the other combustion products on average is going to give you one quarter more water vapor minus carbon dioxide and a slew of other rather more directly poisonous things.

So, a touch more humidity near ground level than already from burning hydrocarbons? Although that will rise or drop regionally from the effects of burning carbon anyway, and if underwater is considered humidity, you’ll be sparing some part of that at lower coastal elevations. The water cycle being a bit faster than the carbon cycle, water vapor isn’t going to be collecting and hanging around significantly.

Socrates says:

Re: Re: ICE and fuel cells

In Internal Combustion Engines it burns, and produce harmful side products, as all ICEs do. They have ludicrously low range as storing hydrogen in a car is a big problem

In a fuel cell, that work less well than a battery, it “recombines” with oxygen. It is just as difficult storing hydrogen if it is intended for a fuel cell as it is for an ICE. They have shitty range too, for the same reason. It uses 4 times as much energy as a battery electric car. And hydrogen ICE is even worse than that!

Hydrogen cars is a scam.

Socrates says:

The "hydrogen economy" is a lie

and the “hydrogen economy” has always been a lie! Those who derailed California Air Resources Board, those who crushed the electric cars of the 90’s, those who bought the Ni-MH technology and shelved it for cars, is the same ones who peddle the “hydrogen economy”.

If it would work it would be instantly sabotaged.

Battery electric cars exist today, is much cheaper to make, cheaper to maintain, can be charged at home and anywhere else with an electric outlet, and is much cheaper to operate than hydrogen. Converting electicity to hydrogen and back looses 75% of the energy, and costs extra money.

Ethanol compatible cars exist today, as any gasoline car on the planet is ethanol compatible! They are cheaper to produce, and cheaper to maintain. Ethanol have better octane numbers than gasoline and have much better range than hydrogen. And biological ethanol is cheaper to produce than biological ethanol. And biological ethanol for cars is produced, and used, in large scale, in large parts of the world today!

I recommend to not propagate the hydrogen lie, it is a diversion.

OGquaker says:


Gore’s wind farm, our bread-basket Mid-west, is loaded with potential (pun intended).

Take Al’s wind, extract DC (not must-use-now AC electricity with 250 billion dollars in transmission lines) add a little water and air (20% N on a good day) and you have an easily transportable liquid fuel, and dump your waste product (O) into the sky or whatever.

We bought six billion gallons of the stuff last year, pipelines run between states. 400 retail outlets in Iowa, handles just like Propane @100psi, not @10,000psi hydrogen.

Bio-hazard is trivial; lighter than air, humans make a lot of it for pee, smells like rabbits.

Some kid drove his S10 P.U.truck across the country on NH3 in 2008, Belgians were driving their bus’ in WWII, the X-15 rocket burned NH3.

Farmer’s buy NH3 from offshore suppliers now at $300-700/ton, why not make it on the farm, just like Ford built his tractor to run on mash & Rockefeller invented the Eighteenth Amendment!

DuPont & GM trashed ammonia (think Servel) in America’s newspapers so they could sell short-lived Frigidaire and bio-toxic ‘Freon’. My ammonia refrigerator runs great, built in 1950. Want cancer and explosions? Try gasoline.

And, refiners sell you any dam “gasoline” carbon molecule that’s convenient depending on the spot price of jet-fuel & asphalt & Diesel & kerosene & roofing tar & HDPE or Styrene, NOTHING CAN BE LEFT OVER.
Thus tuning your IC engine is impossible if your fuel is any carbon trash from any well on earth.

CrushU says:

Measuring CO2...

If you thought satellite data collection was the answer, you get partial credit, but atmosphere-sampling research planes and special air-collecting helium balloon equipment will likely also be used to try to accurately measure CO2 production with geographic variation.

This just in: Countries that fly atmosphere-sampling research planes have more CO2 production than countries that don’t! We are unsure at this time why this is…

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