Silly 'Vote For Us!' Post

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Normally, I avoid this sorta thing, but since we’ve received a few messages from supporters urging us to promote this more widely, the ABA Journal (that is, the publication from the American Bar Association) has highlighted Techdirt as one of the “top 100 law blogs,” specifically in the “IP Law” section. It’s basically us and (you guessed it) a bunch of lawyers. They let people “vote” on which they like, though I don’t think voting actually means anything. But, if it warms your heart (as some of you have suggested) to see Techdirt get more votes than a bunch of patent lawyers, well, then go ahead and vote. Seriously, though, some of those other blogs are quite good and I’m not a huge fan of the idea that blogs are “competing” with each other in any way. If you aren’t reading some of those other blogs, at least check them out.

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Comments on “Silly 'Vote For Us!' Post”

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pringerX (profile) says:


Anytime there is an online poll, especially flash-based, it reminds me of when Doonesbury put up a voting contest to determine which school the character Alex would go to. It didn’t take very long for tech schools like MIT to start flooding the poll with bogus, script-generated votes.

I’m also reminded of Nasa’s “vote to name our new ISS module” contest. It’s a shame they tossed out Colbert’s entry (but at least they acknowledge him by naming the treadmill after him).

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