TSA 'Demonstration' Of Gropings Backfires In Congress

from the oops dept

Apparently the TSA went to Capitol Hill this week to “demonstrate” the new groping pat downs to prove to folks in Congress that they’re really not so bad. The only problem? Those watching the gropings seemed to get exactly the opposite sense:

He said that several House staffers were uncomfortable and averted their eyes when the TSA demonstrated an enhanced pat-down in the room of 200 people.

“The dumbest part: they did two pat-down demonstrations — male on male, and female on female,” the House staffer said. And they used a young female TSA volunteer “and in front of a room of 200 people, they touched her breasts and her buttocks. People were averting their eyes. The TSA was trying to demonstrate ‘this is not so bad,’ but it made people so uncomfortable to watch, that people were averting their eyes.”

“They shot themselves in the foot,” the staffer continued.

Now, will those in Congress actually do anything about all this? It’s really amazing how frequently the TSA and its supporters insist that the gropings “aren’t so bad.” It really suggests a huge disconnect between what they’re doing and what people consider “bad” to be.

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Comments on “TSA 'Demonstration' Of Gropings Backfires In Congress”

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out_of_the_blue says:

People can't stand facing the truth.

For instance, when I remind that the US is still slaughtering people daily in Iraq and Afghanistan, most will manage to blur their minds and forget it the next instant. And anyone so sensitive that they can’t stand watching a TSA grope can’t possibly understand what goes on in Congress.

Anonymous Coward says:

I work for an extremely large global company. I know people driving hours when they would have otherwise flown. This is going to impact productivity if it continues. We Americans are a distrustful bunch when it comes to government and have been for hundreds of years, especially when we find the same rules do not apply to our government officials. This rise of a ruling class who certain laws do not apply to is everything our constitution was intended to protect against. Whether it is taxes they choose not to pay or TSA pat downs they are excluded from I think the average citizen has had enough.

USPatriot says:

Re: Safety?

TSA is not about safety. How many children have blown up planes, or old women in wheel chairs etc. It is muslim males between the ages of 17 and 45. And they get a pass. They refuse a pat down and the scan. So now how safe do you feel? And targeting people who object to this invasion by strangers? TSA calls them “domestic terrorists!” See article on Richond Patriots web site. Setting up for tyranny in the banana republic.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

TSA bashing again

So, it is fine for the police, etc., to do exactly the same thing (well, maybe more intrusively) to prevent a criminal act of some sort, but horrifying for the TSA to try to prevent terrorists from killing hundreds?
So horrifying, apparently, that unless the TSA can show 100 percent effectiveness, it is not allowed, while the police can be somewhat effective (as well as more aggressive) and it is fine?

Beam me up, Scotty, there is no intelligent life here!

Gwiz says:

Re: TSA bashing again

So, it is fine for the police, etc., to do exactly the same thing (well, maybe more intrusively) to prevent a criminal act of some sort…

Umm..actually no Gene it is not fine for the police to do anything of the sort to prevent a criminal act.

Beam me up, Scotty, there is no intelligent life here!

I agree… seems to be no intelligent life at your house what so ever.

Headbanger says:

Re: TSA bashing again

The police don’t get to indiscriminately sexually assault individuals for no particular reason. They have to get a warrant or have to be exhibiting discretion in a narrow set of 4th amendment exceptions.

The TSA has not proven any measure of success – only made claims based on information that they refuse to disclose to any measurable extent to face scrutiny. Of course, if you have information to the contrary, please share.

guest says:

Re: TSA bashing again

TSA has never caught a single suspect. They’ve never even participated in the investigations; outside of their jurisdiction.
And the new measures are no more effective for catching the last dozen terror suspects that any already in place. Dogs at the airport would be more effective, more cost efficient, and better received.
The fact that you think using such clearly useless measures is “intelligent” and that expecting reasonableness from the govt is stupidity speaks volumes, good sir.

Ernest C. says:

Get off your high horse.

Everyone wan’t to be safe. These same people would be utterly outraged if something were to happen on a flight they were on because someone placed a wallet sized packet of C4 under their breast or somewhere in their genetalia. I am not saying that its the right thing to do to pat everyone down, its pretty invasive. I would not react as agressively as most consumers have. The TSA has said that the pat down is only a proceedure used when all other means of search have failed. The body scan is not as invasive as people like to believe it is. It is as safe as a CT scan and emits little radiation at all, ITS NOT AN XRAY! The scanners have no storage or transmitting capabilities either. “Private parts” do not show in detail, all that is seen is a silhouette. The purpose is to show foreign objects and not body parts.

guest says:

Re: Get off your high horse.

All pics are stored on the network server for at least 6 months before being moved to other storage means, as per federal regulations. And no Privacy acts cover the pictures, so they are freely available, and “unclassified” materials. The US Marshals have already admitted to having files prepped to store for a minimum of 2 years all scans that go through.

Anonymous Coward says:

I don’t care how “racist” this sounds. I think that they should just scale back security at airports to the levels it was pre-911 and racially profile Islamic people. Period.

When was the last time you heard about a 75 year old woman or a 12 year old caucasian boy committing an act of airline terrorism? NEVER. The simple fact is that the people they should be looking for to put through additional screening should be Arabic males aged 16 to 45. It doesn’t matter how you want to slice it. It doesn’t matter if it’s “racist” or “insensitive”. None of those labels are going to change the fact that roughly 90% of all the airline terrorist acts that have occurred in the last 15 years have been committed by Arabic males aged 16 to 45.

Sorry Islamic people, but your brethren f*cked it up for you. As far as I’m concerned you should suffer since you are the minority here. There is, and never has been, any palatable reason to suspect the vast majority of people now subject to these horrendous security measures. There is, unfortunately, plausable reason to suspect people of your race. Sorry, but those are the facts. Deal with it or don’t fly.

If, as the TSA says, the goal of these invasive procedures is additional security, then why are they not specifically targetting the highest risk group more than the others?

You know what the real kicker is in all of this, is that Arabs get a free pass past all this additional screening by claiming that it violates their “religious beliefs”. So basically at the end of the day these additional measures completely invalidate themselves by specifically excluding the very group of people most likely to be a security risk.

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