When The RIAA Is The 'Standard' For Evil

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BearGriz72 was the first of a few of you to send in this amusing reader contest from Cracked, in which they asked readers to create images that showed “if other industries were as evil as the RIAA.” Some are pretty funny. Here are two of my favorites, but go check them all out:

by The_Frederick

by JesusVsStarWars

However, what really struck me about this, is how the RIAA has now been considered the absolute epitome of “evil,” in a rather mainstream way. This is pretty incredible for an organization that’s supposed to represent companies who provide something that many people really like. It’s difficult to think of an example of an organization that has so regularly made self-defeating moves. Of course, some (including those in the RIAA) might argue that as an organization, the RIAA’s job is to take the arrows for its major label members (Warner Music, Universal Music, EMI and Sony Music). However, I think that those who believe that are being a bit naive in believing that most people don’t view those four labels and the RIAA in the same light.

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Comments on “When The RIAA Is The 'Standard' For Evil”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I disagree Mike, the RIAA is doing a fantastic job of taking the heat for the things that Warner Music, Universal Music, EMI and Sony Music want done.

You never see anyone say “Fuck Warner Music, Fuck Universal Music, Fuck EMI and Fuck Sony Music.

They only say “Fuck the RIAA”

I’m willing to bet you real money that more than 80% of those people are clueless as to whom is behind the RIAA.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

On the contrary, I’d say RIAA has simply become synonymous for “Music Industry”.

In fact, you see it quite a bit on comments…any time ANY music related lawsuit is announced, the standard response is “Fuck the RIAA”…even if it has nothing to do with the RIAA.

It’s true that the four big labels don’t take the direct heat…only because EVERY music business and EVERY artist organization has been branded.

Karl (profile) says:

It's all about teh sexxee

I think #4 is my favorite from this list:

You have exceeded the number of free sexual fantasies (5) allowed for this celebrity.

Press OK to download and install “Barnyard Extension Package” ($10.99) or cancel to run “Cold Showers and Dead Puppies” memory sequence.

But my all-time favorite has to be the Onion satire: RIAA Sues Radio Stations For Giving Away Free Music.

It’s funny because it actually happened:

Broadcasting music without payment is akin to piracy, the industry says.

“It?s a form of piracy, if you will, but not in the classic sense as we think of it,” said Martin Machowsky, a musicFirst spokesman.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Corporate evil

Excellent article. Perhaps it would be good to point out that the evil involved is pervasive (possibly explaining how RIAA avoids being “taken down” by consumers).
Name a “successful” company; AT&T (my “special” favorite denizen of the “dark side”) or PG&E, or …..
If there weren’t so much evil in the world, RIAA would be in big trouble, but they sort of blend in to the background.
Oh, where is campaign finance reform when you need it?

Anonymous Coward says:

“This is pretty incredible for an organization that’s supposed to represent companies who provide something that many people really like.”

The thing is these companies don’t provide what people like, the artists do. The record companies mainly try to get themselves between the artists and us. It’s not hard to get a reputation for evil when someone creates something you sell 2.6 million unit of doesn’t get paid and in fact owes you money.

Tangaroa (user link) says:

“… any descriptions or accounts of the game without the NFL’s consent are prohibited.”

At least they haven’t taken to suing people yet, but if they repeat that line for a long enough time then some judge somewhere is going to find that continuing to watch the game is implied consent to the NFL’s terms. On the other hand, telling them they can’t do it raises a free speech issue.

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