AP Wants To Become The ASCAP Of News

from the can't-think-of-many-worse-ideas dept

Remember the Associated Press’s bizarre and unworkable idea to DRM the news. Well, reader crcb alerts us to the news that the AP is now filling in more details, about how it effectively wants to become the ASCAP of news. Yeah, you read that right. Talk about bad ideas. I’m sure being like ASCAP is appealing from the AP’s side, but it makes no sense at all from the publisher side — especially given the details where the AP gets to keep a 20% cut of any revenue collected this way. As you read through the details, it’s as if the folks behind it at the AP don’t quite understand the very basic economics of content and the internet:

Curley indicated that the clearinghouse’s biggest moneymaking opportunity is likely to be the licensing of copyright-protected content to mobile phones and an array of computer tablets such as Apple Inc.’s iPad and emerging competitors.

Huh? You license content to website or apps, not to platforms… This seems to have absolute disaster written all over it.

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Comments on “AP Wants To Become The ASCAP Of News”

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Steve R. (profile) says:

False Value Creation

A common thread with many of the posts on TechDirt is the attempt of companies to establish tollbooths to extort revenue. Richard has pointed out, that it would be easy to get around these tollbooths. My concern, these tollbooths add nothing of value to our overall economy. They actually are a source of “friction” that is destructive to the economy.

MrWilson says:

Re: False Value Creation

Yeah, the only possible benefit of giving money to these people is the protection from their lawsuits, non-unlike giving protection money to mobsters.

It just adds to the cost of business and makes corruption seem commonplace and therefore necessary and acceptable.

It also seems that everyone who argues for such a right to extract payments as a matter of law and practice from anyone who might use their content or service always speaks as if they have confused themselves with the content or the service itself. It’s a modern version of “I am the state.” The AP thinks that if it disappeared tomorrow, so would the news. The RIAA thinks that if it disappeared tomorrow, musicians and artists would just quit making music. Same for the MPAA and movies.

Okay, I don’t think they actually think that. They know better, but that won’t stop them from arguing that perspective because they want it codified into law that that is the case. If you think the parasite and the host are the same, you’re not likely to kill the parasite to cure the host.

Dave says:

Blazing ASCAP

Yeah, if their concept is anything like ASCAP, the idea is doomed. I commented before about ASCAP’s complete cluelessness, having personally dealt with them.

I can see the big AP business meeting now…. some bozo in the marketing department just bought his first IPhone, he’s all excited because he has this Great Idea. Hey, what if we charge every IPhone user who reads AP stuff. OH! He just read an article about these other cool new devices – he wrote down all their names, because if we charge every one of them, too, it’s Even More Money! Wow! I can save publishing AND get a big bonus! Then I’ll be able to score even more crack!

fogbugzd (profile) says:

hanging their hopes on the latest fad

Making money off mobile is the current fad. It is pretty late in the cycle, and by the time AP gets anything in place the platform will have been milked dry and consumers will have moved on. Major players always seem to base their plans on the assumption that the current market conditiions will last forever. They are like hopeful goldminers that showed up in 1850 instead of 1849. By the time they got there it was too late. AP should be trying to position itself to be there at the start of the new opportunities, not at the end of the current one.

Besides, the proposal would itself probably kill off mobile as a news platform or at least encourage consumers to find a way around AP sources.

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