Get Lamp Filmmaker Scolds DVD Rippers… For Doing A Bad Job With The Rip

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I’ve been meaning to check out the movie Get Lamp (a documentary about text adventure games) for a while now, as I’ve heard good things about it (and, it should be confessed, I was an avid, potentially obsessive, consumer of text adventure computer games in the 80s). Also, I’ve always been a fan of the filmmaker, Jason Scott’s other project While I hadn’t had the chance yet, TorrentFreak has the nice story of how Scott reacted to the DVD of his film being ripped and put online. First off, it should be noted that those who ripped it posted a nice ode to Scott with the rip, and urged folks to buy the DVD, even noting that they purposely left off some of the extras to give people incentive.

Scott saw it, thanked them for the “heartwarming” NFO file, and then scolded them for screwing up the rip:

I’ve just downloaded the torrent, and while the image quality and sound quality is excellent, you’ve made a mistake.

The DVD, as I’ve mentioned before, is interactive with a non-interactive version as well. To accomplish this and save space on the DVD (since it’s packed with stuff), I have a set of discrete tracks that are either summoned (via the interactive choice) or played as a playlist (via the non-interactive choice). Unintentionally (and I do really mean it, it was unintentional), this has made the movie a tad harder to rip, because the movie is in pieces scattered throughout the DVD, and not in any obvious sequential order.

Playing the AVI that FLAiR has released shows that you have ripped only some of the tracks, and ripped one extra one that shouldn’t be in there.

In the end, he notes: “While, again, I am pleased you wrote such kind things about me, this mixed-up version makes it look like I made a flawed DVD with doubled scenes, and takes away the entire puzzle sequence, which I am rather proud of.” The rippers quickly fixed it and posted a fixed version. Now, the movie is released under a Creative Commons Share-alike license, so Scott (not surprisingly) is perfectly willing to have the movie spread, but it’s still a nice story of a filmmaker responding positively to people ripping his film and sharing it online.

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Comments on “Get Lamp Filmmaker Scolds DVD Rippers… For Doing A Bad Job With The Rip”

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Karl (profile) says:



I remember actually playing the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game.

There was also a “create your own text adventure” program that I owned. I can’t remember the actual name of it, but it kind of sucked, in that it couldn’t parse more than two words. I still half-finished my own game, loosely based on Heavy Metal comics.

Ah, the C-64 memories, when “POKE” and “PEEK” were my only friends…

Karl (profile) says:

Re: Re: Infocom

I will never stop!

Remember those magazines, that didn’t come with disks or anything, but actually printed the machine code that you had to type in by hand? And the final number was a checksum of the entire line?

Also, you remember sprites? The SID chip? Using GOTO loops to simulate pauses in the program?

Ever get a copy of Ghostbusters on cartridge? So much faster than loading it in from the tape drive.

10 PRINT “I am a dork from the 1980s”
20 GOTO 10

Paul Renault says:

Shh!! Don't tell me how Get Lamp ends...

…I haven’t seen it yet.
/ medallion #1379

Karl: I had a ‘boughten’ copy of HHGTTG for my Apple //. A friend of mine, how had gotten a pirate version, was semi-sorry he hadn’t purchased it, ‘cuz he was missing out on all the cool stuff that came with the game: The Microscopic Space Fleet, the Belly Button Lint, the Don’t Panic badge, the No Tea, and the Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses!

alex says:

This reminded me of an old post of Mike’s about what may have been the first recorded copyright violation if they knew what it was back then. Apparently, people were copying Daniel Defoe’s poem “The True-Born Englishman” and selling it themselves. Defoe wasn’t so much bothered by people profiting from his work but rather pissed that they had mistakes in copying his poem and actually published a corrected version. Even back 300 years ago Defoe realized obscurity was a much bigger threat than piracy.

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