Details In Mulve Arrest Highlight How Weak The Case Is

from the so-why-so-quick-on-the-arrest? dept

Last week, in talking about how one of the guys behind Mulve was arrested by UK police, we noted the similarities to the arrest a few years ago of OiNK administrator Alan Ellis on “conspiracy to defraud” charges that were eventually thrown out as Ellis didn’t actually break the law.

TorrentFreak now has the details of the Mulve arrest, where police are using the exact same charges, even with a failure to get those charges to stick against Ellis. And, the article details why such charges are even weaker against the Mulve guy they arrested. First of all, he had nothing to do with the software itself, but merely registered the domain and created the video highlighting how to use the software. But, much more interesting are the details behind Mulve. It’s not even a search engine by itself. It’s simply an interface for an existing search engine on a Russian social network, which anyone could sign up for and get access to already. In other words, going after Mulve totally misses the point, and it’s difficult to see how Mulve itself actually violates UK law.

Of course, in pushing authorities to arrest the Mulve guy, it appears that all that’s really happened is the recording industry has drawn a lot more attention to how Mulve works, leading to multiple clones of the software quickly popping up. You would think the industry would know by now how this whole hydra process works, but apparently they still haven’t gotten the message.

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Comments on “Details In Mulve Arrest Highlight How Weak The Case Is”

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ChurchHatesTucker (profile) says:


“It’s simply an interface for an existing search engine on a Russian social network, which anyone could sign up for and get access to already.”

Yeah, the Brits are just kicking the ball out of their court. Sure it doesn’t tackle anything resembling a real problem, but if the dead tree reporters are unable to follow the rabbit hole, then they don’t get the bad publicity. C.f., Craigslist.

Mike C. (profile) says:


For those that are curious, beware of the “clones” and information about Mulve. I started looking into a couple of them in a virtual environment and had those sessions quickly infected despite having up to date anti-virus (Avast). Fortunately, TrendMicro’s RUBotted caught it.

Simply put – don’t try anything on machines that you can’t wipe clean.

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