Media Copyright Group Sues US Copyright Group Over Trademark Threat

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We had just written about the rise of a bunch of new pre-settlement shakedown shops, who send out massive amounts of lawsuits over claims of file sharing in order to get people to pay up. Just recently, some had noticed that these firms all seem to copy from each other, and now two of the firms may be heading to court over it. Seriously.

An anonymous reader passed along the news that the Media Copyright Group — which was set up recently by a divorce lawyer to work with porn providers — has filed for declaratory judgment against US Copyright Group, the offshoot of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver (the firm that was the first to get attention for bringing these sorts of pre-settlement deals to the US). We had already noted that US Copyright Group appeared to have copied its website from a competitor, but apparently even though US Copyright Group thinks it’s okay to copy others, it doesn’t like anyone else copying it. A lawyer from Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver sent a cease and desist to Media Copyright Group, alleging trademark infringement. Media Copyright Group filed for a declaratory judgment that it is not infringing:

All I can say is that there’s something quite amusing about watching two of these law firms suing each other in court, arguing over whether or not one infringed on the other’s “intellectual property.”

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Comments on “Media Copyright Group Sues US Copyright Group Over Trademark Threat”

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Jay (profile) says:

Mr Kettle...

Mr Pot would like a word with you. He has a baseball bat and cement, Armani suit, and a few “friends” to make sure you get the point.

The only thing I can say is that perhaps you should consider a new area for work. Preferably one that doesn’t involve writing with your left hand. You see, his friends are a little… itchy. And they can be quite thorough in making sure you understand every last word they say.

Will Sizemore (profile) says:

There should be a fine plaintiffs pay for crap lawsuits that waste time and don’t have any positive effect on our society.

The way things are now, what do law firms really have to lose when a case is dismissed or when they fight each other like this? They pay filing fees, and documentation fees, sure, but who pays for the rest of it? The firms taking cases for Intellectual Property suits still get paid by the parties they represent, right?

If I was the judge hearing this case, I’d throw the case out and fine both of these parties for wasting the Court’s time. I’d set the fines at actual cost to the government of the proceedings and multiply by 1.5. Then I’d order that all funds be directed to an ad campaign dissuading the misuse of government resources for something so petty as using such generic terms as a name for which to conduct business, and expecting anything less than the confusion of uninformed consumers.

I think that NO ONE should be allowed to copyright or patent anything that uses generic terms.

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