Some Modest Proposals To 'Save' Other Industries

from the jonathan-swift-would-be-proud dept

greenbird writes “In light of the RIAA/NAB negotiations to require FM radios in all portable devices Wired’s Underwire column has a brilliant idea to “save” the newspaper industry. Require e-reader sellers to give a free parakeet with every e-reader. It goes on to other brilliant plans to save dieing industries such as the Mapmakers and Travel Agents.”

Given some of the bizarre rationales for saving certain industries, I don’t think any of these satirical suggestions are really any more ridiculous…

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Comments on “Some Modest Proposals To 'Save' Other Industries”

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Steve R. (profile) says:

New Industries Emerge Old Ones Fade Out

We are supposed to be a free-market system. New technologies always emerge, there are winners and for the lack of a better politically correct term, losers. Progress unfortunately requires adaptation. Regretfully, the dying industries in their attempt to survive assert that they have to deprive the consumer of their (consumer) rights including the freedom to choose. Unfortunately or political leaders have been accepting this premise without considering its effect on the free-market system. Basically, we have an entitlement/welfare society to protect those who can’t adapt.

Karl (profile) says:


In defense of the RIAA (shudder), it was actually the National Association of Broadcasters who said that MP3 players and cell phones should be required to have radios.

They told the RIAA to support that law, in exchange for the NAB supporting performance royalties for terrestrial radio.

I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t a joke on the NAB’s part.

Hephaestus (profile) says:

to funny ….

“Require companies to bundle a parakeet with every new tablet or e-reader device.

This will create a groundswell of demand for newsprint with which to line the cages of the federally mandated house pets. I strongly suggest that all the major news consortium start talking to their representatives about making this a reality. This could have saved Cathy, dammit!”

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